Nokia "One Day" DVD (2000)

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Nokia "One Day" DVD (2000)

Post by Dudley » Fri May 15, 2020 12:08 pm

I think this belongs here since it's not gaming but certainly is retro.

I discovered another curio in my collection, this time via a relative who worked in the industry.

In the year 2000, a time when the 3210 was the hot new thing, Nokia made a DVD called "One Day" about the future of mobiles. They got a lot right, certainly a lot more than Nokia ever did in reality.

Find out how Nokia predicted Spotify, touch screen phones,Sat Nav, Citymapper and Netflix years before they happened then did absolutely nothing about it.
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The other 2 sections I mention are here. (App Demos) (Talking Heads)
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Re: Nokia "One Day" DVD (2000)

Post by Sega2006 » Thu May 28, 2020 11:21 am

I've always seemed to end up back with Nokia and I have tried and had various other makes of phone over the years fruit flavoured or otherwise, my first being a 3410 and my last being my current 6 from 2018 as I needed a handset that didn't crumble everytime someone farted a mile away.

Many hated on the Windows phone side of things (and yes theres some definate reasons) but from a working on it like a computer side of things it's always felt just that bit better, if support hadn't died for it I'd probably still use my Lumia 1020, the nuclear grade camera on it has yet to be beaten by anything I've had or used since and even now I'll use it for compact or sales photo work over just the phone in my pocket.

They may be cheap and cheerfuls now but they can still hold their own, it'll run most things any expensive android will without fault and they are still built tough as nails so from a practical work or sports point of view its perfect.
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