ghoul patrol

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ghoul patrol

Post by squat_cobbler » Sun Mar 22, 2020 8:15 am

So I recently picked up Ghoul Patrol on the snes, Considering it's supposed to be a sequel to the great Zombies ate my neighbours, It was dissapointing so If you have played it what are your thoughts?.

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Re: ghoul patrol

Post by silvergunner » Tue Mar 24, 2020 8:06 am

It’s not bad, but I don’t think lucasarts did it this time and outsourced it to another developer.

I haven’t played it in ages but if I remember right it lost a lot of its humour for me so it felt a bit stale.

And strangely it didn’t control as well. Which is certainly strange as it’s the same game engine.

It’s certainly worth a go, but as you say it’s a bit disappointing when you have already played the better original.

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Re: ghoul patrol

Post by Shinobi » Tue Mar 24, 2020 8:35 am

I liked it more then Zombies as it seemed much easier to play. Granted you could store all your monster transformation potions for the bosses and just tank them as you where invincible as the monster.

Zombies just seemed really difficult (monsters weak against certain weapons) even though the levels where shorter everything seemed to kill you.
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