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Bo Jangeborg video

Post by Arnie » Sat Jan 27, 2018 6:35 am

I've just watched this interview with the great Bo Jangeborg on the Retro Gamer main site, it was very interesting to hear what influenced him and how he started of. I loved the Fairlight games having had both for the Spectrum128k, I have to admit I was unable to complete them but did manage to map out Fairlight 1 on an A3 sized piece of cardboard which I still have to this day, it was good to hear that Bo himself was also unable to complete his own games but I can understand his reasoning for old games being so hard compared to today.
Its sad to hear Bo say he will not return to game programming due to the large production values, I wonder if he could be persuaded by something like the Spectrum Next as he seemed to be a fan of the Sam Coupe back in the day writing an artist program for it.

Over all I thought it was a nice interview and worth a watch.

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