Amiga 600HD takes a few minutes to power up

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Amiga 600HD takes a few minutes to power up

Post by soopytwist » Mon May 09, 2016 1:25 pm

I bought an HxC Floppy Emulator to fit in an Amiga 600HD I picked up off eBay​. After connecting it up and powering up the Amiga I didn't get a picture and there's no boot up from the HD. After about 3 minutes the display appeared on the TV and the HD booted into Workbench.

I couldn't operate the software on the SD card in the floppy emulator though because some of the keys on the keyboard wouldn't work - like a few entire rows.

I took the emulator out and put the floppy drive back in but still it wouldn't boot up straight away and seemed to take longer if recently turned off and on again at the PSU (and of course Ctrl A and A didn't work because those just happen to be some of the keys that don't work). Some of the keyboard keys still not working so I took the Amiga apart and checked the contacts on the ribbon, they seemed worn so I found a guide online that says to cut a bit off the end of the ribbon to get fresh contacts for the slot on the main board. I did this and now none of the keys work!

I've already but in a request with the seller for a refund as I think the emulator has destroyed my Amiga (which wasn't cheap as it hardly has any yellowing of the plastic).

Has anyone reading this had any problems with the Amiga keyboard like this before? It seems strange that only some of the keys stopped working, then when I made sure the contacts were better it not work at all. And what about the delay booting up? Do you think the emulator was the cause of that or is it something else - faulty PSU maybe? Perhaps that's why the keyboard doesn't work, not enough power?

I need to know what to do next. Should I spend £20 on a replacement keyboard membrane, do you think the PSU could be faulty? Has the emulator blown something or was it just coincidence that the Amiga broke at same time? I don't know what to do... chuck it all in the bin or what?

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