Games that were better than their Arcade counterparts

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Re: Games that were better than their Arcade counterparts

Post by HEAVYface » Wed Dec 14, 2011 8:02 am

JazzFunk wrote:^I'll actually give it another shot on MAME, I don't hate the game, just prefer it on MD but haven't really given that much time to the arcade one. I'll give ESWAT (another vastly different MD home conversion) another go, too, as the MD version frustrated me by seemingly only allowing you to fire one shot at once, I *did* complete the game but the firing was all messed up, would've felt better if it'd been a bit more generous.
the MD version of eswat lets you have two shots untill you powerup to the robo-suit on level three, then you get access to different weapons that fire at different rates including a fast firing automatic machine gun doobrie and a gun that fires quick plasma shots if you hammer the button , or charges up for a massive plasma ball if you stop tapping the button (sort of like r-type).

when you're powered up you can fly around the screen and hover too which is pretty cool. i really like the game and its totally do-able on 1 life if you get good at it.

the arcade version just seemed a bit like shinobi but not as good and way harder to me.

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