What grinds your gears ?

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Re: What grinds your gears ?

Post by psj3809 » Mon Jan 07, 2019 12:31 pm

Yeah if it was being sold theres a good chance it was sat on their drive for a fair bit and used for the odd test run if someone came to see it. A good long journey on the motorway should help or perhaps a replacement battery. Just probably wasnt used much as they were trying to sell it

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Re: What grinds your gears ?

Post by Sega2006 » Mon Jan 07, 2019 9:00 pm

I'm not aware of any immediate causes for drain on the Focus, if its sat sometimes you can get the light switches stick on the doors on some cars so make sure you see them go out when you lock the car.
Your average Car Battery is also only meant to average 5 years of normal use, Start stop systems and short runs can put more strain on them (Start stop cars even have to have a particular type as they kill normal ones) so it might be worth getting a Cell condition check done, a lot of Garages will do this free, also check the charging ability of the Alternator if the car is at 100k miles and up.

When leaving the car for a long period disconnect the battery or attach a trickle charger, you can get these dirt cheap off amazon and any Ford Service desk worth their salt will give you the Radio code for free should you need it.

I've got a slight drain issue on mine, all BMW E46's including the M3 have a resistor pack that fails (and it will) and causes the ventilation fans to have a mind of their own and if you don't catch it they will whir away sometimes on their own while the car is locked up and off.
I have bought the part thats been in my glove box for months as you need to be a midget contortionist to change it so it'll be on the mechanics list when I can recommision the car.
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Re: What grinds your gears ?

Post by Megamixer » Tue Jan 08, 2019 2:52 pm

Not sure about Fords from 2012 and thereabouts but I had a 2006 Mondeo and Fords of that period had a "Smart Charge" system that required a specific battery (think it had silver content or something...can't quite remember). Anyway, the previous owner had put the wrong battery in and it worked for me for several months then started playing up. Fitted the correct spec of battery but the Smart Charge had been knocked out of sync by having the wrong battery fitted for so long and so sometimes it charged, sometimes it didn't. Battery, alternator and everything else tested and were working fine. Probably needed a reset of the system somehow but I'd had enough by that point and just sold the car. Had enough of having to leave it plugged into the mains every night to ensure that the battery charged to get me to and from work the next day!

But I think yours should just be the simple weak battery scenario, made worse by the car sitting still for that time. Only mnentioned the above because Fords are involved and I don't know whether they still use that pain-in-the-ass charging tech.
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Re: What grinds your gears ?

Post by NorthWay » Tue Jan 08, 2019 3:30 pm

The battery charged all right (well, the car didn't sound too happy the first few minutes) and was back to normal this morning. I'll have the battery replaced at the checkup next week.
EDIT: And it died the weekend after and then refused to take charge. Had to get jumpstarted and had Ford fit a new one which bloody well cost me NOK2500... (plus work)

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Re: What grinds your gears ?

Post by NorthWay » Tue Jan 22, 2019 6:41 pm

Stuff that works 98%. Stuff you can't figure out why is failing.
Case in point: My A4000D that wont work with gfx cards (it can see the config), wont work with the combo of all motherboard SIMMs and my A3640 card, and which will typically stop working after an hour or so of use. It needs a proper Chip Doctor at a Logic Clinic.

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Re: What grinds your gears ?

Post by dste » Wed Feb 13, 2019 11:51 pm


Had my email adress with them for just over twenty years I believe and out of nowhere when I logged in it gave me a message about someone else possibly using my account. I create a new one for the purpose of receiving a new code and to complete a form. Hotmail come back telling me that my account is now blocked as I cannot provide information from around twenty years ago. Submit another form with more information that I can think off but again blocked.

Can I find anywhere to be able to contact them outside of the form? Off course not. :evil:
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