For SALE : Joblot of 46 Playstation games

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For SALE : Joblot of 46 Playstation games

Post by EvilArmourKing » Mon Aug 31, 2009 6:07 pm


I have a bundle of 46 Sony PlayStation games for sale. £30 plus £12 postage. PM if interested. Thanks

I can also include a Playstation console for an additional £8 - which breaks down as £4 for the console (complete with all required leads, joypad) and an additional £4 extra on top of the postage.

All are boxed, and all are in varying condition. I can't list the condition of everything, so will break them down as best I can. Please note, some of the games are missing a cover and instructions and some have tatty/broken cases!!

The list :

Driver 2 : Both discs, no instructions.

Rapid Racer : Complete

Mary-Kate and Ashley Winners Circle : Complete

G-Police : Complete

Crash Bandicoot : Complete

Bugs Bunny - Lost In Time : Complete

Victory Boxing : Complete

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire : Complete

Smackdown : Complete

Smackdown! 2 : Complete

Disney's Atlantis The Lost Empire : No cover

Resident Evil : No instructions

Ridge Racer : No cover

Tomorrow Never Dies : Complete

Eqestriad 2001 : Complete

Rugrats Studio Tour : Complete

Rugrats Search For Reptar : Complete

V-Rally 2 : Complete

Micro Machines V3 : No instructions

WWF Attitude : Complete

NHL 99 : No instructions

Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace : No cover or instructions

Football Manager 2001 The FA Premier League : No instructions

Disney's Tarzan : No cover or instructions

Rally Championship : No cover or instructions

Crash Bandicoot : No cover or instructions

A Bugs Life : Complete

Tekken 3 : Complete

Action Man : No instructions

Mickey's Wild Adventure : No instructions

Actua Golf 2 : Complete

Actua Soccer 3 : No cover or instructions

Tony Hawk's Skateboarding : No cover or instructions

Warcraft II Dark Saga (VERY RARE) : Disc only supplied in jewel case

Driver : Disc only supplied in jewel case

Disney's Dinosaur : Complete

Army Men - Lock n Load : No instructions

Rainbow Six : Complete

International Superstar Soccer Pro : No cover or instructions

F1 2000 : No cover or instructions

Digimon - Digimon World : No cover or instructions

Rugrats Search For Reptar : No instructions

The Lost World - Jurassic Park : No instructions

Tomb Raider III : Disc only supplied in jewel case

True Pinball : No cover or instructions

Loaded : No instructions

Spiderman 2 - Enter Electro : Complete

Once again, please understand that due to the nature of the PlayStation cases, some are in a bad way. If you are a collector, this can be rectified with relative ease. Some of them are in very good condition, some are damaged and some are tatty!!!

Postage : £15. If you live in or near Manchester (or can get there) I will be happy to deliver
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