How long did you spend in......Arcades ?

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How long did you spend in......Arcades ?

Post by SJ_Sathanas » Mon Jun 18, 2012 4:54 pm

So in a similar vein to the other thread does anyone have any arcade anicdotes ?

My earliest memories were probably on holiday at the Dolphin Club in Dawlish, Devon, when I was about 9 or 10 I guess. I can recall APB, YieAr Kung-Fu and some others I can't put names too. APB on CPC464 was a big let-down in comparision - I don't think it ever even loaded.
I'm fairly sure they later had the likes of Robocop as I can recall watching some geezer on like level 8 when I couldn't even beat ED209 at the end of level 1. They also had a nice run 'n' gun two-player soldier game, not in the arcade proper but in the "club", but I have no idea what that would have been.
My friends mum later opened a sandwich bar and the paper shop next door had a similar game but again no idea what it was.

I can recall a school trip to cadbury world I spent all my spendies on Mortal Kombat in the arcade when we stopped for a break on the way there. That was fun. Later school years it was arcades in the centre of Manchester, off piccadilly, playing Street Fighter 3 and EX IIRC, Time Crisis, an old Sega Rally cab and one or two others. They were the usual over 16s amuesements arcades but that didn't stop us - I don't think they minded too much as we didn't go near any of the restricted stuff.
There was a rumour one was taken over by triads and we pretty much avoided it after that lol.
edit: oh I nearly forgot! The pikey carnivals, though |I had no idea of such social concepts at the time, usually had arcades. I can recall a snazzy Asterix scrolling beat 'em up and Captain Commando.

Later, during college lunch breaks, it was McDonalds Milkshakes with Tekken 3, House of the Dead, some weird Namco 3d tank game and a Daytona cab that was relpaced by a "futuristic bike race with weapons" game that I've never been able to track down in the arcade that was part of The Metro cinema in Aston under Lyne. They later had Time Crisis 2 after the arcade expanded.

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Re: How long did you spend in......Arcades ?

Post by Mire Mare » Mon Jun 18, 2012 5:00 pm

For as long as I had 10 pences in my pocket or my parents allowed. Man, that was such a long time ago..

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Re: How long did you spend in......Arcades ?

Post by theantmeister » Tue Jun 19, 2012 3:49 am

My first exposure to arcades (and videogames in general) was our family trips to Sun City. My parents would dump me and my brother at the arcade and go off to gamble at the casino. Sounds pretty irresponsIble when I think about it! Still, they had games like Galaxian and Operation Wolf, so I didn't mind.

Later on I would pop into the arcade at the local mall as often as I could. Usually before going to see a movie, I'd spend an hour or so playing Street fighter 2, Virtua Racing, Tekken and so on. Also played a fair bit of Star Wars pinball (loved that table, the one with the LED screen).

Also, we would go to the coast for summer holidays and I'd spend most of my time in the arcade, rather than the beach :mrgreen:

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Re: How long did you spend in......Arcades ?

Post by thebear » Tue Jun 19, 2012 4:08 am

a lot of time

obvously holidays were spent in them as long as I had money, usually in Shanklin on teh Isle of Wight, especially fond memories of playing Star Wars (sit down of course), Spyhunter, Crossbow, Galaxians and so many more

One year for some reason we went to Cornwall instead, but I didn't mind as that was my first exposure to Outrun, Space Harrier and Gauntlet!

Then all summer as a kid we'd head down to the coast (Kent) any weekend it was hot enough, Margate or broadstairs, always preferred MArgate as it had what seemed like a billion aracdes

And once I hit about 12 I used to go down with mates even when the weather wasn't good, pretty much every weekend all year and in school holidays (usually a quick bunk the train to Sheerness as we didn't have to pay that way lol), recall playing the heck out of Double Dragon, Operation Wolf, APB, Hotrod any loads of other there

Plus of course the early part of this for me was the early 80's when you could also find arcade games everywhere you looked anyway without needing an arcade! Every pub, cafe, fish and chip shop, supermarket, where ever you looked there seemed to be a machine tucked away somewhere

In fact even up till the late 80's I guess I can still recall a lot of places having a machine, or in the case of one kebab with a back room 5 or 6

After that they died out almost completely though
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Re: How long did you spend in......Arcades ?

Post by Negative Creep » Tue Jun 19, 2012 5:34 am

Only really when I was on holiday or a day trip. Reason being the local arcade was the hang out for all the local chavs and not a very nice place to be

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Re: How long did you spend in......Arcades ?

Post by Rayne » Tue Jun 19, 2012 5:38 am

Almost none, they were all gone by the time I was old enough to spend time in them! :shock:

Been to a few up in Glasgow & London, I'd spend a few hours playing randoms at SSFIV and getting my ass handed to me by Deathsmiles. There's something about playing a game on a cab, even though you have it at home it feels so much more exciting :lol:

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Re: How long did you spend in......Arcades ?

Post by samhain81 » Tue Jun 19, 2012 7:28 am

Depending on the arcade, 10p arcades I would be there all day with a handful of nuggets to change up. Best times of my life.

50p to £1 arcade, I may be there for only an hour or two.

However, most of my arcade days were spent at 'Free Play' events which happened every evening at my local arcade, which was HUGE, had aboslutely every arcade imaginable at the time. Then, when that arcade stopped, another one was hosted at another arcade 20 mins in the other direction, which had just as many arcades.

All being about a £5 for 4 hours. What a cracking deal.

Both arcades are gone now though :cry:

I would give anything just to have one of those arcades back for one week.

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Re: How long did you spend in......Arcades ?

Post by thebear » Tue Jun 19, 2012 7:51 am

samhain81 wrote:Depending on the arcade, 10p arcades I would be there all day with a handful of nuggets to change up. Best times of my life.

50p to £1 arcade, I may be there for only an hour or two.

Bring back 10p arcades I say lol

Actually, beggers can't be choosers, so I say , bring back ANY Arcades
I'll never forget when games started going up to ....GASP..... 20p a play
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Re: How long did you spend in......Arcades ?

Post by Misery » Tue Jun 19, 2012 8:08 am

I've been fortunate enough to find a couple of proper retro arcades somewhat near my area; in particular a nice new one I found out about, $20 to get in for the day and everything is free-play. Spent probably half of the time yelling at Asteroids Deluxe, and also things like Burgertime (which I'm pretty good at), and Zaxxon (which I'm pretty NOT good at). Both Tron games, too. And a buncha other stuff. All in perfect order, except for the DK Junior machine, which refused to let me start the game and just sat there in attract mode the whole time.

Only problem is that this is a bit of a drive for me, a good hour, and some of the machines are a little.... squatty. The damn Asteroids in particular is an oddly short cabinet, ended up with a bit of a backache after using that one too much.

There's another similar arcade an hour in the OPPOSITE direction, aint been to that one in awhile.

Sure beats out any OTHER arcade in the area. 50-75 cents per play or even a full dollar, ugh. It's no wonder the "modern" ones dont last long. Usually a craptastic selection too, those types.

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Re: How long did you spend in......Arcades ?

Post by Antiriad2097 » Tue Jun 19, 2012 8:23 am

I was thinking the same.

I remember going down to the beach in a little group of friends with just a few quid in my pocket.

We'd string out the cash as long as possible, maybe have a game of pool or two first, then round the cabs.

We'd watch each other play solo just to get as much of the experience as we could from the sidelines.

10p games would be favoured, but the better (or newer) 20p games might get the odd game. 50p would be saved for a single game of Outrun or Space Harrier. These were a huge hike in price from the norm but those extra hydraulics seemed to justify it.

Easy enough to waste a whole afternoon and as the end approached you'd make the agonising decision whether to spend your bus fare or not, leaving you with more gaming but an hour's walk home uphill.
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Re: How long did you spend in......Arcades ?

Post by tekaotaku » Tue Jun 19, 2012 9:20 am

Pretty much every weekend from the ages of 12 - 17. My parents used to have a chalet on what was called Humberston Fitties...a little walk from Cleethorpes. Would follow the beech into Cleethorpes every Saturday and Sunday and blow my pocket money on the sea front arcades.

Typical Classics like Turtles 4 player, would just jump into with a complete stranger (back when I could stand scrolling fighters!), Double Dragon, Bad Dudes V Dragon Ninja, R-type, Aliens, Act Fancer (one of the few arcades that had this machine!), as the years passed, would whack money into the light gun games. Point Blank, had the high score on that for a while. House of the Dead, was fresh in the Pier arcade and whacked about £20 in it to see the ending, got a little crowd and even the attendants where egging me on, in all fairness they prob just wanted the income, but they stopped to come and watch the ending.

We would always arrive on site on the Friday night, my parents would go to the on-site club, I had to go when I was younger but they had a little arcade there, X-men the arcade game, Virtua Racing and a cosmo-gang prize ticket machine (but no damn ticket booth to spend the tickets!!)

So yea, spent a lot of my mis-spent youth in the arcades....
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Re: How long did you spend in......Arcades ?

Post by HEAVYface » Tue Jun 19, 2012 2:55 pm

used to hang out in arcades all week.

school week nights, boulevard (not far to walk)
gauntlet, final fight, salamander, space harrier, altered beast, tokio, ghosts n goblins, gradius, spy hunter, hot rod.

weekends- sea front! south pier
robocop, virtua cop, daytona, virtua racing, x men four player, r-type, outrun sit down, slapfight, heavyweight champ, killer instinct, afterburner, cyber sled, strider, star wars (upright) virtua fighter, tekken, shinobi, line of fire, bubble bobble, super sprint, smash tv.....+loads more

then a walk along the sea front eating chips to...

claremont pier
turbo outrun, cosmo gang, fatal fury2, jurrasic park, starblade,galaxy force 2, simpsons,continental circus,art of fighting, virtua fighter 2, rampage, marble madness, 720.

if there was money left over, pop into bridge amusements on the way home
golden axe, outzone, street smart, badlands

special day out to great yarmouth every now and again. too many awesome cabs to list.

i feel really lucky to be brought up in a town with so many great arcades:)

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Re: How long did you spend in......Arcades ?

Post by AmigaJay » Tue Jun 19, 2012 5:13 pm

Every day when I lived in Ilfracombe in Devon, a good 1-2 hours a day, I used to use my float from work when I was 17 and spend that sometimes and have no change for work!
Used to love walking in and their was a new machine to play on, nothing compares to that nowadays, new consoles have always come and gone but to see a new arcade machine with the best graphics that couldn't be done at home was just amazing.

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Re: How long did you spend in......Arcades ?

Post by killbot » Tue Jun 19, 2012 6:59 pm

I used to spend AGES in the Maid Marian arcade at Winthorpe, near Skegness. It's been converted into a bingo hall now but every summer I was in there hammering the older machines like Pac Land, OutRun, Star Wars and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom which were all 10p to play. Loads of great memories tied up in that place.

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Re: How long did you spend in......Arcades ?

Post by muppetboy » Mon Jun 25, 2012 1:16 pm

I was a regular at Southend-on-Sea in the eighties and got a huge buzz for amusement arcades thinking nothing of spending an entire afternoon in these (probably about 4-5 hours). I'd pump a lot of money into games like space invaders, Pacman, Asteroids, Rampage, Defender, Pole Position, Galaga, Outrun (sit-down version and the only game I ever "completed". What a feeling that was!) to name a few, any Pinball games and Fruit Machines.

Still feels strange these days playing all my favourites via emulators for free! :D

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