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Collecting ideas

Post by czechrover » Thu Apr 25, 2019 5:38 am

Hi everyone,

So in the last few years I've started building my retro consoles again. Like many people my age (35) this magazine opened my eyes to what I used to have and I can't even imagine some of the games, consoles and accessories my mum sold for next to nothing on car boot sales over the years. All my c64 tapes, mega drive games, ps1 games that are now worth decent money etc

I have 8 consoles in my collection at the moment not including current gen (nes, snes, ps1, ps2, dreamcast, n64, gamecube, wii). I feel like I'm way too late and the retro bubble has burst (price wise) making a full collection really not a good idea.

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of a niche collection I could start. I was thinking about collecting a certain Capcom...for all my systems and the future additions (I've just about secured a deal on an amiga cd32 in a small czech village....that's another issue....I live in the Czech Republic and because of the previous commuinist regime the availability and prices for retro here are terrible).

Amy tips? Best publisher to collect? Anyone else do something similar?

Thanks a lot

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Re: Collecting ideas

Post by Antiriad2097 » Thu Apr 25, 2019 7:08 am

Advice? Don't 'collect'. Especially don't collect on a theme of any sort, as inevitably you end up buying bad games to fill the gaps.

Buy games you know you will replay if you had them before, or that you want to play or are curious about.

Sell on any that you won't replay or don't particularly like once you've tried them - don't hoard them because they're part of some 'collection', let someone else enjoy them or take on that burden.

Emulate what you can before buying to keep risky expensive purchases down. That should help to keep it so you only buy stuff you know you really want.
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Re: Collecting ideas

Post by ShadowMan » Fri Apr 26, 2019 1:46 am

I actually collect Capcom games. Basically going for all console releases, and I'm a fair way to that goal. But the one big issue, especially these days - cost. I got lucky and grabbed the Mega Man games before they shot up in price - Mega Man X3 for the Snes (PAL), Mega Man the Wily Wars (any region) especially go for several hundred these days depending on condition. And then you have other NES/Famicom/Snes/Mega Drive releases which are also pretty darn expensive (Punisher, Muscle Bomber immediately spring to mind).
However with that said, I've basically stopped going after any retro releases that aren't Capcom. Problem I had was that I'd aimlessly pick up games and then sometimes take a while to play them. This kinda annoyed me so I decided to only collect games I'd play immediately, hence why I started more heavily collecting Capcom stuff - because its also incredibly fun to play them through (I'm playing all their games through from 1984 to present day, I'm up to 1993's releases currently).

And to counter the "buying games ending up with bad games" thing (which is true), the opposite is also very true - thanks to this project I've also stumbled upon several fantastic, lesser known games - Muscle Bomber for example is an absolute blast to play. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, M.A.D Gear (including the beta which is quite a different/better game), King of Dragons, Forgotten Worlds & its ports, the NES ports of Gun.Smoke and Legendary Wings... the list goes on. Heck, I even got a load of playtime out of one of Capcom's Mahjong releases that had a full RPG mode.

So yeah, if you have a particular company you enjoy playing games, maybe look them up, certainly helped spark my interest in collecting again.
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Re: Collecting ideas

Post by czechrover » Fri Apr 26, 2019 3:29 am

Thanks for the input guys and some good pointers.

I can't say I'm too worried about picking up bad games. It's more the hobby and having a target with the collecting. If I just have random games all over the place it will do my head in.

Shadowman makes a good point regarding new game discovery. It's part of what I like about Xbox game pass these days.

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Re: Collecting ideas

Post by icemann » Sun May 05, 2019 5:32 am

I'd say to go something like Origin, Looking Glass or Westwood Studios.

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Re: Collecting ideas

Post by Matt_B » Mon May 06, 2019 4:35 am

My rule of thumb would be to buy stuff that you want to play. If that's all games for one platform, from a particular publisher, or just a mish-mash across all manner of them, so be it.

I don't think the issue is so much one of picking up bad games, because curiosity is sometimes going to get the better of you and it's worth venturing a few quid once in a while on something that may possibly defy expectations and turn out to be a hidden gem.

Rather, the issue is when you find yourself spending vast sums of money buying games that you already know are bad, for the sole purpose of completing a set. Just don't let it get to that point and you should do just fine.

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Re: Collecting ideas

Post by kiwimike » Sat May 11, 2019 5:00 am

I dunno. I used to collect, but found it could get expensive and frustrating, and I ended up with a spare room full of stuff you don't use and just clutters up. It doesn't endear you to the other half Lol. Although that said, it was my choice to get rid of most of it.
I sold some, but donated most to a computer and gaming museum, which makes me feel good that families can go and enjoy the old consoles. I just kept a select few favourites, and a modded xbox for emulation, which is all I need.

I particularly enjoyed collecting the Nintendo Game and Watches- it was fun to find them in second hand stores, and fun to pick them up at garage sales for a few bucks, looking for those really good examples and ideally in boxes. Online has ruined that now, as the value has made them no longer fun to collect- as usually you can find whatever you want online- but at a silly price. So stopped at 12 or 13 of them. Although I did keep those, I highly doubt I will carry on and add to that.

As I've got older, I have found my interest is more in gaming history etc than playing the games themselves, so for me I enjoy collecting books and DVDs on gaming and gaming history. But I'm not a completist- there are so many books coming out on gaming history now- a feast where it used to be famine- so I am selective. I did recently pick up zzap 64 issues 1-37 on a local auction, and was stoked with that. Perhaps I would add to that collection if I had the chance. And the only other thing I would love to collect in entirety would be the original Electronic Games magazine from the states. But as the freight on those are horrendous, I'll make do with the PDFs on DVD! :lol:

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Re: Collecting ideas

Post by Darran@Retro Gamer » Mon May 13, 2019 12:35 pm

I find collecting a fascinating subject. I went for a complete dreamcast collection until I eventually realised I would own a bunch of rubbish games I knew deep down I would never really play. I tend to try and only buy games I really want to play nowadays (although I do slip sometimes) and always sell on games that aren't doing it for me. The only collection I have of sorts is every western release of each Fire Emblem game and that's largely because there's not a poor game among them. I do love the idea of themed collections and can only imagine what Shadowman's Capcom collection currently looks like.

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Re: Collecting ideas

Post by sscott » Mon May 13, 2019 2:18 pm

Like many on here. I just bought and bought then lost the passion for it. I emulate and play modern stuff mainly now plus at 45 now time is at a premium.

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Re: Collecting ideas

Post by oldtimer » Tue May 14, 2019 1:50 pm

sscott wrote:
Mon May 13, 2019 2:18 pm
Like many on here. I just bought and bought then lost the passion for it. I emulate and play modern stuff mainly now plus at 45 now time is at a premium.
Me too except i put mine all in the loft after almost totally filling the house with consoles and games and all i have downstairs now is my Atari 2600 stuff which is quite enough for the few hours a week i get to play stuff.
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Re: Collecting ideas

Post by bensonrad » Wed May 15, 2019 3:30 pm

I am still very slowly going for a full set of Snes games, I am in no rush, but I lost my passion for buying anything else, I used to keep all my Nintendo stuff, but the bulk of N64 collection go the chop at Christmas, the rest of it will go next Christmas. I just don't have space to keep storing all the stuff, I remember times on here years back now where I'd be buying stuff nearly everyday in the sales section. Really made an effort in 2019 just not to buy stuff, amazed at how much money I have saved. The above comment about try before you buy with emulation is a very good one, I do that or watch videos on youtube to get an idea of gameplay.

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Re: Collecting ideas

Post by Biccuriya » Fri Oct 25, 2019 9:14 pm

I never understood 'collecting' - to me, it just seems like useless materialism, like those hoarders in the TV shows, where their whole house is so full of crap, they can't even see the floor anywhere, and they find dead cats in there when they finally start to sort it out with the help of professionals.


To me, that kind of 'hoarding instinct' has to do with some kind of phobia, or unfulfilled need inside that people try to fill externally. As Bruce Lee once stated, 'the poorer we're inwardly, the more we try to enrich ourselves outwardly' (my paraphrasing, might not be accurate).

In my opinion, it would be best to not 'collect', especially for 'collecting's sake'. That way, you only end up with a room/storage/closet full of unused stuff. Then it just sits there, doing nothing.

Maybe it's not for all, but my way is: "get the things you use, and keep them usable at all times".

It's easy to just hoard stuff into unopened boxes in some closet or storage room, it's basically just hauling stuff in. It's boring. Anyone can do it.

It's way more interesting to figure out how to hook up a system to an old TV, set it up so everything works, and then find a way to use that system for whatever you want - whether demowatching, gameplaying or creating of some sort, or a mixture of these, or something else.

Then keep that system always operational, and keep using it from time to time. Do that with every system, and keep everything operational simultaneously, and you'll have a more interesting decoration than even the most famous TV decorator can imagine!

Plus, it's going to be more fun that way, because you can use any system at a whim, instead of having to always unpack it from the closet and hook it up and then pack it back once you're done. Your house/apartment/trailer/tent/mansion will be way more lively, too, with all the machines powered up at any time you want to put interesting stuff on the screens.

It's a more logical, interesting and exciting approach, to instead of just stuffing boxes into a closet (and that's all 'collecting' really is!), figure out multiple different, possibly exotic systems and how to make them work, what cables you need and so on - and having them insta-usable at all times, for when a creative impulse strikes, the Atari is there to sample sound waves and notes from to use in your song or small sprite-demo you are programming. The Super Famicom is there, when you desperately want to continue your Chrono Trigger journey. The Amiga is there, when you want to do pixel art in 160x240 with wide pixels.

(As a sidenote, there's REALLY something almost tangible about the way using a real Amiga (for pixel art) feels -smooth- compared to emulation, even if you make everything as identical as a real Amiga as possible - and I wouldn't have even thought so, it took me by surprise when I compared)

A good way to do it might be to think of a 'use' before you get it.

A 'reason' to have that system might make you think before you purchase.

For example, I am thinking of purchasing Atari ST (I always admired it from afar, but as an Amigist, I didn't feel too bothered), because I want to learn how to make music with its nice sound chip, and watch some demos in proper lores in CRT television (I can't make this happen on emulators, they don't support proper lores on fullscreen), plus compare some games between Amiga and C64.

I also think I could get a Sega Genesis for similar reasons - to compose music with it, -then- combine that music with either SID, my OPL3 or the Atari ST sound chip - the possibilities are too numerous to list, but this way, you can know whether it's worth to get the system or not.

PC Engine and Neo-Geo interest me, but they are -so- well emulated, playing them on my brightest CRT on my arcade controllers using authentic resolutions probably comes 'close enough' to the authentic experience that I am not sure the real machines would be 'worth the hassle' right now.

So I can't find a good reason to get them. Spectravideo SVI-728 is the most beautiful home computer to my eye..


..but I am not sure if that's good enough a reason to purchase one. The games are not as good as in many other systems, and it doesn't really have 'definite versions' of that many games (if any). But gosh darned, does it caress my eye to look at it.

This way, you can realize you can have more fun, if you forget 'collecting', and simply just find a reason to get a system, and then just get those systems, and keep them ALWAYS OPERATIONAL and instantly usable!


Don't "collect", just 'gather for usage'!

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