First games you played on each system

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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by Megamixer » Wed Mar 29, 2017 3:30 pm

Roughly in order of purchase. Many I don't own anymore...

Mega Drive - Sonic
PS1 - Formula 1 '97
GBC - Pokemon Red
GBA - Spyro Season of Ice
PS2 - WRC II Extreme
Xbox - Halo
Saturn - Sega Rally
Dreamcast - Fighting Vipers 2
SNES - Super Mario World
3DO - Super Street Fighter II Turbo
CD32 - Some platformer that took so long to load I couldn't be arsed. Never used the system again :oops:
32X - Doom
Jaguar - Tempest 2000
PS3 - Super Street Fighter IV
DS - Mario 64 DS
Wii - Wii Sports
3DS - Dead or Alive Dimensions
PSVita - Spyro the Dragon (PSN) Still haven't played a 'proper' Vita game!
Wii-U - Mario Kart 8
PS4 - Until Dawn
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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by kebabinho » Fri Mar 31, 2017 11:17 am

C16 plus 4 - Fireant

BBC Micro - Thrust

Sega Master System - Alex the kid in miracle world

Sega Megadrive - Sonic

Amiga 600 - Putty

PC- solitaire

Wii -Wii sports

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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by kiwimike » Sat Apr 01, 2017 5:07 pm

Doubt I'd never remember all the systems let alone what the first game played on each was :lol: To the best of my memory
Orbit (pong type clone) Sports
Atari 2600 Space Invaders
ZX81 Espionage Island
Sega SC3000 Sinbad Mystery
Spectrum Commando
Apple II Castle Wolfenstein or Transylvania
C64 Lode Runner
SMS Afterburner
Lynx Chips Challenge
GB Tetris
GBC Arcade hits (Defender)
CD32 NFI! :lol:
Amiga Stunt car racer Wheel of fortune
SMD Sonic
32x Doom
PS1 Doom
DC Crazy Taxi
N64 Super mario
Gamecube REmake
PS2 Guitar Hero
NGPC Metal Slug
GBA Mario vs DK
DS Super mario
3DS Resident Evil Revelations
XB360 Red dead Redemption
Amstrad 464 Stunt Racer
Atari 7800 Asteroids (Built in game)
BBC Planetoids
Dragon 32 A donkey kong clone

Knew I'd forget some and have to add them :)

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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by stayAwhile » Mon Apr 10, 2017 2:29 pm

spectrum-doom,c64 giana sisters or little computer people, amiga - oscar,nes-mario,ps1- rage racer ,ps2-salt lake 2002,ps3-uncharted,360-uno,wii-wii sports,wii u-zombi u,ps4-call of duty ghosts,xb1-goat sim,psp-hot pixel,gba-spyro,ds-mario kart ds,vita-alien breed
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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by peter6168 » Thu Jan 18, 2018 9:59 am

Atari 2600 – Space Invaders
Master System – Alex the Kidd in miracle world
Mega Drive – Golden axe
Mega CD – Spiderman vs Kingpin
32X - Maybe Doom?
Saturn – Sega Rally
Dreamcast – Incoming
3DO – Demolition Man
NES – Mario
Snes – Mario Kart
Atari Jag – Cybermorth
N64 - Goldeneye
PC – Chips Challenge
Lynx - Electroman
C64 - ??
Spectrum - ??
Game Cube – Resident Evil
GBA – Sonic Advance
DS – Warioware
3DS – Super Mario Land 3D
PSP – Killzone
Vita - Uncharted
Wii – Wii Sports
Xbox – Halo
Xbox30 – Ghost Recon
XboxOne – Halo Master Chief Collection
Gameboy – Mario World
Gamegear – Sonic
PC Engine - Vigilante
PS1 – Tomb Raider
PS3 - Resistance
PS4 – Black Flag or Battlefield?

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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by Arnie » Thu Jan 18, 2018 12:47 pm

The ones I can maybe remember in no particular order.

ZX81 - Espionage Island
Spectrum 48k - Chequered Flag
Spectrum 128k - The Never Ending Story
Amiga - Nope can't remember
Colecovision - Space Panic
Commodore 128K Probably something like Uridium
N64 - Doom
PS2 - ?
Wii - Wii sports
Xbox 360 - Kameo Elements
Gamecube - Luigi's Mansion
Wii U - Legend of Zelda the Wind Waker HD

the rest well some I don't even have games for.

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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by RetroMartin » Mon Jan 22, 2018 5:18 pm

This is going to test the old grey matter.

Master system - Donald Duck Lucky Dime Caper.
Commodore - I have NO idea as I was very young
Megadrive - Sonic 1
Gameboy - Mario Land 1
SNES - Mario Kart
NES - god knows, probably the Mario battling game or duck hunt
MegaCD - Sonic CD I believe
Saturn - Bug!
PlayStation - Crash Bandicoot
N64 - Goldeneye I think
Dreamcast - Sonic Adventure
PS2 - The Bouncer
Gameboy Advance - no idea probably Sonic Advance
GameCube - either Sonic Adventure 2 or Super monkey Ball
Xbox - Halo as it's the only game I have played on one
DS - Wario Ware
Wii - Wii sports
PSP - Killzone Liberation I think
PS3 - Metal Gear Solid 4
Xbox 360 - Oblivion again the only game I've played on one
3DS - Ocarina of time 3D I think
PS4 - Battlefield 4 or Lego Marvel Super Heroes

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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by JamesC » Tue Jan 23, 2018 6:12 am

ZX Spectrum 16k - Gobble a Ghost (the first after upgrading to 48k was Scuba Dive).
Vic 20 - River Raid
BBC Micro - Granny's Garden (or it may have been Dragon's World)
Commodore 64 - Nebulus
NES - Super Mario Bros (along with other classics on the shop demo multi-cart - Castlevania, Punch Out, Kid Icarus, Metroid, Balloon Fight, RC Pro Am)
Sega Master System - Rambo
BBC Archimedes - E-Type
Sega Mega Drive - Altered Beast
SNES - Super Mario Kart
PS1 - Wipeout

After that I can't really remember.

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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by SpecChum81 » Wed Jan 24, 2018 11:22 am

Great question!

New York Blitz
Omega Race

Speccy 48K
Jack The Nipper
The Trap Door

Game Boy
WWF Superstars
Super Mario Land

Mega Drive
Altered Beast
Golden Axe
Press Play On Tape

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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by demon » Fri Jan 26, 2018 6:57 am

How the hell do you guys remember everything? :lol:

I remember only Fort Apocalypse being my first onwed C64 game, and Defender of the Crown being my first owned Amiga game, but they definitely weren't the first ones I tried if I also consider friends' machines... I have no idea what games I really played first.

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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by BellyFullOfHell » Fri Feb 09, 2018 8:02 am

God, from what I can remember:

Arcade: Check Man
Intellivision: Lock 'n' Chase or Triple Action
Speccy: Cassette 50
Atari 2600: Dig Dug
C64: possibly Aztec Challenge
Master System: Rocky
Amiga: Flood
Mega Drive: E-Swat
SNES: Super Mario World
PC Engine: OutRun
Dreamcast: MSR
Neo Geo: Magician Lord
PS1: Tekken
Saturn: Daytona USA
N64: Mario 64
Xbox: Dues Ex: Invisible War
PS2: Silent Hill 2
GameCube: Rogue Leader
X360: Oblivion
PS3: GTi Club
Wii: Wii Sports
PS4: Resogun
Switch: Mario Oddyssey
GB: Super Mario Land
Lynx: Electro Cop
GBA: Circle of the Moon
DS: that brilliant puzzle game where you drag blocks about I can't remember the name of
PSP: WipeOut Pure
Vita: Everybody's Golf

For most of them it's a very distinct memory - I can remember where I was and who I was with.

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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by OcarinaOfTam » Mon Feb 19, 2018 8:09 am

This could be tricky to remember some, but here are some from my memory:

Sega Master System - Sonic The Hedgehog (built-in to my brother's Master System II)

Sega Mega Drive - Sonic The Hedgehog (on the Mega Games 6 cartridge that packed with later Mega Drive II systems)

Sega Saturn - I have some fuzzy memories of playing Daytona USA on my cousin's Saturn when I was about 6 or 7 years old

Sega Dreamcast - Soul Calibur II (On my Cousin's Dreamcast)

Sega Game Gear - Land of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse (on a different cousin's Game Gear)

NES - I was playing this before I can remember so it's quite hard to say which one was my first, it was quite possibly Super Mario Bros.

SNES - I think this was Killer Instinct when one of my brother's friends brought his SNES over

N64 - I'm about 90% sure this was Goldeneye

Game Cube - I remember having a quick go on Super Mario Sunshine in a shop, so it's probably that

Game Boy - Tetris

Game Boy Color - I don't know what it's called but it was a platformer in which you play as an anthropomorphic rat. It was on my friend's Game Boy Color

Game Boy Advance - Super Mario Advance (I bought this with my birthday money)

Nintendo DS - The Metroid Prime Hunters - First Hunt that came with the first batches of the DS

Nintendo 3DS - Pilot Wings Resort in a shop a few days before the console launched

Playstation - I think it might have been Tekken 2 or Actua Soccer 2, although I'm not completely sure.

Playstation 2 - I think it was Metal Gear Solid 2

Playstation 3 - Resistence Fall of Man

Playstation 4 - I briefly played Octodad in a shop shortly after the console's release

PSP - Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition

Xbox - Halo

Xbox 360 - Possibly Gears of War although I'm not sure

Sinclair Spectrum - Jet Set Willy

Commodore 64 - California Games (played at an expo)

Amiga - Cannon Fodder (played at an expo)

Atari 2600 - Pitfall (Also at that expo)

Atari 7800 - Xevious

Atari Jaguar - Cybermorph

Atari ST - Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters (Played on a faulty ST)

Atari Lynx - Blue Lightning

Fairchild Chanel F - The built-in Pong-type game

Watara Supervision -Crystball

Neo Geo AES - Magician Lord (Also at an expo)

Vectrex - Minestorm (same expo)

Turbo-Grafx - Blazin' Lazers

Super Grafx - R-type (expos are great for playing a range of systems)

Neo Geo Pocket Color - Pac Man - Lights out

MB Microvision - Blockbuster

Wonderswan - Gunpey

MSX - Road Fighter (Played at the Centre for Computing History)

Acorn Archimedes - Elite (Played at the Centre for Computing History)

3DO - Starfighter (Played at the Centre for Computing History)

Amiga CD 32 - The Chaos Engine (The Centre for Computing History is also great for playing a range of systems)

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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by Timothy Redux » Mon Feb 19, 2018 4:35 pm

Zx81 - flight sim
Vic20 - Blitz
Aquarius- Utopia
Amstrad- game with a flea - bugaboo??
mega drive- Micro machines
PC - helicopter game who's name eludes me
Xbox - halo
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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by GarryG » Sun Feb 25, 2018 11:16 am

Pretty sure it was 'Blitz' on the VIC 20, and possibly 'The Lone Raider' on the Atari 800XL.

Apart from that, iv'e no idea!

Maybe 'Space Invaders Infinity Gene' on the PS3... maybe!?!?

Oh, one I just remembered, 'Chuckie Egg' on the BBC, I remember cos I played this at college, years before I acquired my own BBC B.
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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by Timothy Redux » Mon Feb 26, 2018 12:35 pm

I forgot my Iphone first game which was the Vector Tanks game that is now unfortunately withdrawn - great little game
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