First games you played on each system

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First games you played on each system

Post by ncf1 » Sun Feb 19, 2017 3:15 pm

Your Spectrum. Your Amiga. Your Apple. Your Nintendo. Whatever - can you remember the first game you played on each system you've had?
Hows that for a challenge. ;) I can remember a few but probably not all.

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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by ianpmarks » Sun Feb 19, 2017 3:35 pm

ZX81 - Came with the Sinclair cassette tape which had lots of poor type in quality games on it, I remember quite liking Lunar Lander; Also QS Asteroids which was ok but your ship was represented by a number from 0 to 9 which told you which way it was pointing! Loved it though.
ZX Spectrum - First two games bought for it... Spectres (A Pac Man clone); Horace and the Spiders (The worst Horace Game).
Amstrad 1512PC - Infocoms The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy - brilliant game, and probably my best starter game on any system.
SNES - Super Ghouls and Ghosts (came with it as the only game when I bought it second hand) - Looked lovely, too bloomin hard by far... hated it, and it was a couple of months of saving up before I could afford another game - Starwing... much better game.
386 Computer - Xwing - Not as good as Tie Fighter
Playstation - F197 - A good game with great commentary from Murray Walker... another good starter game.
Pentium PC - Rebel Assault 2- Looked nice, played badly.
PS2 - Gran Turisimo something - ZZZZzzzz - boring over technical game - was cheapest pack in available.
Xbox - Halo - Another good choice - loved this game
Gamecube - Rogue Leader - The only reason I bought a Gamecube - Wasn't disappointed.
Xbox 360 - Halo 3 - See Xbox above, but not quite as good.
Wii - Just Wii Sports - Entertaining if shallow.

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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by HEAVYface » Sun Feb 19, 2017 3:45 pm

I can remember a few
cpc 464 - roland on the ropes
2600 - asteroids
megadrive - thunderforce 2 (but I saw golden axe and ghouls n ghosts running on one before I got the nerve to ask the shop keep for a go on something!)
super famicom - final fight
psone - toshinden
sega Saturn - panzer dragoon (the main reason I picked a Saturn over psone - demo pod in virgin megastore)
n64 - Mario 64
xbox360 - dirt

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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by ncf1 » Sun Feb 19, 2017 4:00 pm

Some come to mind immediately, some get you thinking.. the ones I can remember are

Apple II : Little Brick Out. this game kept me hooked for years, it was my Apple II "go-to" game for years, even though it was kind of the stock Apple II game Woz slapped up in 30 minutes, and I'd played loads of others, still kept going back to that one.

C64 : Donald's Adventure Playground. I think that's what it was called anyway. Spent much too long on it but its funny how you really give a good shot to the first ones. Never went back to it after that.

Amiga : Crazy Cars. Came with the Amiga Starting Kit, and did not like it one bit. But gawped at the amazing graphics on the big TV, I was in awe.

386PC : Alleycat. I thought, when I used my dad's new pc wow, this is a step backwards to both the C64 and Amiga.. and probably even the Apple II.. 4 colours?? geez. Little did I realise you had CGA, EGA, even VGA, where things started to get interesting.

Vic 20 : Radar Ratrace. I thought wow, not too bad a start, this game isn't too bad at all. But then nothing came better after it, and it was about all I ever played on that system.

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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by fredghostmaster » Sun Feb 19, 2017 5:15 pm

This has got me racking my brains but I can remember some:

Atari 2600 - Outlaw - a kid round the corner had it and I thought it was amazing.

ZX81 - was that Asteroids game that someone mentioned earlier where your ship was a number 0-9 - this was at school

Spectrum- think it was Penetrator - also at school

Vic 20 - Crazy Kong by Interceptor - it was ok at the time, not aged well!

Gameboy - Tetris

Megadrive - definitely Sonic

SNES - Twinbee I think

Saturn - Daytona

Dreamcast - Ready 2 Rumble

PSP - Midway Arcade Hits

DS - Brain Training

Xbox360 - I can't remember for the life of me

Wii - Wii Sports

Wii U - New Super Mario U

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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by Rayne » Sun Feb 19, 2017 5:32 pm

Sega Megadrive MK II - Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Gameboy Pocket - Pokemon Red
Sony PlayStation - Croc
Nintendo 64 - Super Mario 64
Gameboy Colour - Zelda: Oracle of Ages
Xbox - Blinx the Timesweeper
Gamecube - Starfox Adventures
PS2 - Spongebob somethingorother
GBA - Golden Sun
DS - Super Mario 64 DS
PSP - Prince of Persia something or other
Xbox 360 - Sonic the Hedgehog 06
PS3 - Eye of Judgement
Wii - Wii Sports
3DS - Ridge Racer 3D
Vita - Ridge Racer
PS4 - Infamous: Second Son
Xbox One - Master Chief Collection

...think that's it! For my 'main' systems anyway

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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by Negative Creep » Sun Feb 19, 2017 6:22 pm

The ones I can definitely remember:

Game Boy - Tetris
SNES - F-Zero
PS1 - Ridge Racer
Saturn - Daytona
Dreamcast - Sega Rally 2
Gamecube - Mario Kart DD
360 - Gears of War
XB1 - Forza 6

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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by Cripper2 » Sun Feb 19, 2017 6:38 pm

Atari VCS - Space Invaders - great version 112 variations

MSX - Special Operations

Atari ST - Typhoon

PC - Civilization

Dreamcast - Virtua Tennis


DS - Meteos

PSP - Lumines

Gamecube - Rogue Leader

XBOX - Halo

XBOX 360 - Call of Duty 2

PS3 - Resistance Fall of Man

Wii = Wii Sports

Wii U - Zombie U

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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by adippm82 » Mon Feb 20, 2017 8:23 am

I may need to edit this later, these first games stick in my mind for some reason.

ZX81 - Sniper
ZX Spectrum - Pssst
C64 - Motor Mania
Commodore Plus 4 - Fire Ant
Commodore 16 - Kickstart
Vic 20 - Blitz
Amstrad CPC 464 - Roland on the Ropes
BBC B - Starship Command
Acorn Electron - Way of the Exploding Fist
Spectrum 128K - Daley Thompson's Supertest
Spectrum +2 - Way of the tiger
Spectrum +3 - Chase HQ
MSX - Gunfright
Atari 2600 - Empire Strikes Back
Atari 7800 - Commando
Atari XEGS - Pole Position
Atari Jaguar - Alien vs Predator
Jaguar CD - Battlemorph
Atari ST - No Second Prize
Commodore Amiga - Lemmings
Amiga CD32 - Chaos Engine
Philips CDi - The Apprentice
PC - Commander Keen
Gameboy - Tetris
Atari Lynx - California Games
Lynx B - Ninja Gaiden
PC Engine - Vigilante
PC Engine CD - Dracula X
PC Engine Duo-r - Splash Lake
PC Engine GT - R-type I
PC Engine LT - Final Soldier
Super Grafx - Aldynes
PC-FX - Zenki
Master System - Hang On
Megadrive - Sonic 1
Sega Nomad - Strider
Gamegear - Sonic 1
SNES - F-Zero
Multimega - Arcade collection
32x - Shadow Squadron
3DO - Total Eclipse
Saturn - Sega Rally
PS1 - Ridge Racer
Virtual Boy - Mario Tennis
N64 - Turok
Gameboy Color - Tetris DX
Gameboy Advance - Tony Hawks
Advance SP - Castlevania
Advance Mini - Mario Super Circuit
Advance AGS101 - Sega Arcade Hits
Wonderswan - Ghouls N Ghosts
Wonderswan Crystal - Judgment Silversword
Amstrad GX4000 - Burnin' Rubber
Amstrad 6128 - Gryzor
PSP - Ridge Racer
PSP Go - Wipeout Pulse
PSP E1000 - Burnout Dominator
PS Vita - Uncharted Golden Abyss
PS2 - Gran Turismo 3
Dreamcast - Rush 2049
Xbox - Halo
Gamecube - Rogue Squadron II
Nintendo DS - Super Mario 64 DS
Pokemon Mini - Puzzle Mini
DS Lite - Tetris
DS XL - Zoo Keeper
PS3 - Resistance
Xbox 360 - Gears of War
Nintendo 3DS - Ridge Racer
3DS XL - New Super Mario Bros
New 3DS - Resident Evil Revelations
Wii - Wii Sports
Wii U - Super Mario U
Gizmondo - Trailblazer
Neo Geo AES - Samurai Showdown
Neo Geo CDZ - Top hunter
Neo Geo Pocket - Metal Slug 1
Jupiter Ace - Balloon Pilot
Archimedes - Quest for Gold
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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by PostieDoc » Mon Feb 20, 2017 2:21 pm

Commodore Plus/4 - Treasure Island, part of the starter pack and a great little game.

Spectrum - Manic Miner, having been wowed by the game on our neighbours Amstrad, my brother immediately bought Manic Miner as soon as we got a Speccy 48k.

Amiga 500 - Ikari Warriors, great in two player mode.

PC - Ultima Online, having seen my brother playing online in a virtual world with real people I finally decided it was time to upgrade from my beloved Amiga. Best MMORPG of all time.

Xbox 360 - Gears Of War 2, another game that is best in co-op.

Xbox One - Forza 5, just the best racing game series out there.

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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by davyK » Mon Feb 20, 2017 2:39 pm

Oric-1 : Centipede
CPC464 : ??? can't remember - would have been one of the Amsoft pack-in games.
2600 : Combat
7800 : Asteroids
MD: Altered Beast
N64 : M64
PS1 : Parappa the Rapper
Saturn : Darius Gaiden
PS2 : Gradius V
Dreamcast : VF3tb
GC : Super Monkey Ball
360 : Mushihimesama Futari
Wii : Wii Sports
PC : ??? can't remember - would have been a DOS game. Quite possibly Leisure Suit Larry. On a PC I owned it was Solitaire.
Gameboy : Tetris
GBA : Mario Kart Advance
DS : Zookeeper

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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by RetroMartin » Mon Feb 20, 2017 3:45 pm

Commodore 64 - bugger me if i know, probably pacman or typhoon
Master system - was either psycho fox or lucky dime caper
Amiga - TMNT
Megadrive - sonic 1 i believe
Gameboy - errmmm mario land 1 methinks
Gamegear - sonic 1
NES - mario bros or duck hunt
PC - god knows probably monkey island or last crusade
Snes - god knows prob mario world
Ps1 - crash bandicoot
N64 - goldeneye
Saturn - virtual hydlide
Dreamcast - sonic adventure
Ps2 - the bouncer i think
Gba - not sure possibly golden sun
Gamecube - sonic adventure 2 battle
Xbox - no idea, halo?
Ds - warioware
Psp - ff7 crisis core
Ps3 - erm MGS4
X360- oblivion i think
Wii - er wii sports?
3ds - erm ocarina of time i think
Ps4 - batlefield 4
X1/wiiu/vita - not touched
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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by dste » Mon Feb 20, 2017 3:59 pm

Christ, erm.

NES - Mario Bros or possibly Duck Hunt.
N64 - Mario 64
Cube - Rogue Leader I think
Wii - Wii Sports
GB - Tetris
DS Lite - Sonic Advance
360 - Assassins Creed
Dreamcast - Crazy Taxi

Really cannot remember for MS, MD, GG, Lynx, Spectrum and Amiga.
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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by Mayhem » Mon Feb 20, 2017 5:26 pm

From what I can recall here...

Atari 2600 - Combat
Commodore 64 - Cuthbert in the Jungle
Vectrex - Minestorm
Gameboy - Tetris
SNES - Super Mario World
N64 - Super Mario 64
PS1 - Resident Evil
Gameboy Advance - Mario Kart Advance
NGPC - Cardfighter Clash
Gamecube - Rogue Leader
PS2 - Likely to be one of the PES editions
DS - Super Mario DS
Wii - Wii Sports
Xbox 360 - Mirror's Edge
Xbox One - Gears of War 4
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Re: First games you played on each system

Post by English Invader » Mon Feb 20, 2017 7:28 pm

Atari 2600 - Freeway
Mega Drive - Sonic the Hedgehog
Master System - Alex Kidd in Miracle World
Game Gear - Sonic the Hedgehog
Gameboy - Tetris
SNES - Super Mario World
NES - Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles
C64 - Ghostbusters
Atari ST - Outrun
Dreamcast - Sonic Adventure 2
Atari Lynx - Paperboy
VIC-20 - Blitz
Gamecube - Super Mario Sunshine
N64 - FIFA World Cup 98
PS1 - Grand Theft Auto
PS2 - Vice City
XBox - Sensible Soccer 2006
XBox 360 - GTA IV
Amiga - Desert Strike
ZX Spectrum - Football Manager
GBA - Sonic Advance
DS - Ghostbusters: the Video Game

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