PSP Emus Revisted

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PSP Emus Revisted

Post by Rockford » Fri Feb 10, 2017 8:20 am

So, dug out my old PSP-2000 (still looks great).

Back in the day, I seem to remember emus needed a jailbroken system or a special battery?

Nowadays, is it possible just to download emu onto desktop, then onto memory card, then add roms (I own the games obviously)?

Emus I'm interested in: Gen/MD, Snes, Nes, C64.


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Re: PSP Emus Revisted

Post by TheNewMonkey » Fri Feb 10, 2017 8:33 am

It's extremely easy to do, just a case of dropping a few files onto the memory card to softmod it then just putting the emulator & roms on there the same way, you can also get cheap micro sd card adaptors to fit the psp if you want to add a load of extra memory

There's a decent guide over on gbatemp
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Re: PSP Emus Revisted

Post by Sephiroth81 » Fri Feb 10, 2017 10:58 am

The homebrew scene for PSP seems to have gone a bit quiet over the last few years, probably because they're focus on newer handhelds and finding exploits in those, as well as the flood of android and other portable ARM devices etc now on the market which pack more of a punch and can emulate far more competently than the poor old PSP.

Having said that, I think the C64 emulator for the PSP (think its a port of Vice) seems quite reliable, same with NES (nesterj) and Megadrive (either picodrive or dgen) can hold it together pretty well for the majority of games. SNES9X on psp is showing its age for Super NES emulation so probably not best build up your expectations of that one - can get glitchy on games, and sometimes requires frameskipping.

The PSP's main strength now (in my opinion), is the access to putting PSP full games (ISOs) on memory sticks (as mentioned in the other thread, its far more convenient, efficient and runs games better a lot better than running off an actual UMD disc) and the PS1 classics that were released on PSN store (which can now be added as eboot files). The built in PS1 emulator is really quite good, and runs "official" games very well as you'd expect (rather like how Virtual Console games on Wii you can pretty much guarantee will run nicely), and even ones that were never officially released on PSN, do an equally solid job. I've only come across a few PS1 eboots that seem to suffer from emulation issues and usually not overly distracting.

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