So what is your best FPS then?

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Re: So what is your best FPS then?

Post by outdated_gamer » Sun Apr 19, 2015 2:02 am

Negative Creep wrote:
outdated_gamer wrote:
silvergunner wrote:No no no no no the PS1 soundtrack was not sucky. That really changed the game for me. The awful midi rock soundtrack is awful to listen to. Nowhere near as atmospheric as the PS1 soundtrack.
Meh, the ambient PS sounds hardly fit the "in your face" shooting action of the first two Dooms, imho. Whereas the heavy metal sounds of the original game were really catchy and can stand up on their own even compared to some actual bands (there's a ton of covers out there, even in different musical styles). It's not a horror game and I personally think trying to turn it into one was what made Doom 3 a polarizing game, as it was more "Resident Doom" than the straightforward "guns-a-blazin'" game like the first two games were. But to each their own.

Generally I liked Doom 3, although getting blindsided by an imp who teleported in behind you gets a bit tedious the 260th time it happens. The first two still stand up because they just "feel" so right and there's far more strategy to it than just running around firing. Whilst Doom 2 looked the same on the surface, the addition of several high tier monsters totally changed the balance
Indeed, first two Dooms are comparable to the best shoot-em-ups out there in the level of mastery required when playing on higher difficulty levels. Doom 3 was a fine game with eye-poping visuals for it's time, great atmosphere and cool weapons and monsters, but it was a bit more slower paced and generally the sense of massive carnage of the first two games was gone which is why Serious Sam was, in many ways, a more true successor to Doom than Doom 3 was. It's basically a shoot-em-up game, just viewed from a first-person perspective and with more earthly guns and movement.

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