Fantasy Football League - Season 3

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Re: Fantasy Football League - Season 3

Post by Sputryk » Mon May 25, 2009 3:57 pm

Sputryk wrote:Everyone thinks it's all over...
It is now! The final table for this Season:

# Team Manager GW Total
1 Scotty Knows Best scott adcock 47 1932
2 Frank's Spankers mk3 Frank Gasking 26 1847
3 Winning XI Rob Kuczynski 33 1835
4 PeaWet Wit Scraps james costello 35 1824
5 Firebreather Kopouts steve watson 27 1795
6 Last Of The Sputryks Richard Davy 52 1784
7 The Om Nyom Nyoms Richard Burton 67 1776
8 Slick Slackers Stephen Owen 45 1764
9 Team Alfie Craig Hawkins 55 1740
10 FC Fanta Craig Chapple 41 1698
11 FC Generic Team Name The Hawk 42 1688
12 For Foxes Sake FC David Marsden 38 1683
13 Phoenix Laura Glover 44 1640
14 Exceptional Elgin Steven McLennan 36 1631
15 N_gooners northern gooner 55 1629
16 Wibble FC Simon Burton 51 1625
17 sleepy fc sleeper 77 51 1623
18 Weekend Players Sir Clive 55 1607
19 Nites Table C Ottawa 42 1605
20 Crystal Phallus Cheese Burger 54 1596
21 Chaos Allstars Chris Murphy 31 1587
22 Slagston United Dan Gill 43 1569
23 Metallicock XI Barnaby Whattingham 35 1539
24 Utopian Dream XI Luke Davis 26 1462
25 Arrogant Posers XI Nick Lo Turco 47 1391

And it's CONGRATULATIONS to Scotty Knows Best, this Season's Champions. Well done. Big hand in winning from Liverpool's legend Gerrard over the past few weeks; must keep him in mind for next Season! :wink: Remember, post a pic of you holding your trophy aloft!

Joining the Arrogant Posers and the Utopian Dream XI in relegation is Metallicock XI (this year's Newcastle Utd, in view of their good placing last season). Don't worry, though, guys as there's only one Final Fantasy Football League, and you'll all be back in it next Season. :D

Big thanks this Season to Paranoid Marvin and RG's very own Rich Burton, who both contributed a trophy.

For what it's worth right now, unless someone has a burning desire to Administor the League when it returns, I have no qualms about staying put and doing all the 'hard' work again. :D

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Re: Fantasy Football League - Season 3

Post by SirClive » Mon May 25, 2009 4:00 pm

Well done Scotty, this was our biggest league yet so it is a high accolade.

Well done also and thanks for running this Sputryk. Looking forward to the new season already

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Re: Fantasy Football League - Season 3

Post by Loftgroover » Mon May 25, 2009 4:30 pm

Thankyou all. Normally I flop hard at these things so its a great day for me indeed :D

Tho mr gerrard got tonnes of points I think it was fulhams defence and dropping agbonlahor at the perfect time that did the trick!

Will be after the double next year ;)

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Re: Fantasy Football League - Season 3

Post by Sureshot » Sat May 30, 2009 9:54 pm

Grats, thought I had it for a while after being top for a lot of the season, but it just wasn't to be! Mainly got screwed over by subbing in 3 Wigan players who decided not to turn up from that point onwards. :roll:

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