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Sega Rally, The newish one, scrapping with Win 10

Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2019 10:16 pm
by Sega2006
Popped this in here as most wouldn't call it retro even though it's pushing 12 years old.

Dragged out a few of my arcdey racers as they can be played in short bursts to work around meds side effects, OR runs fine but Sega Rally is being a bit of a beggar.

It initially runs okish, I had to fight it doing it's little run as admin trick but now it'll load up and I can race any of the initial cars on Safari or Canyon tracks however slightest whiff of alpine and it crashes.
I've googled and tried each trick I could find, config edit does nothing more than mess up the menu, drag raw file gives same crash issue and most sources say do not patch it.
I'm loading from the .exe files and not the loader as advised.

I'm hoping it's not going to go the way of NFS Pro Street and become a glorified coaster (That came admitedly was a buggy mess before it met win 10, now it doesn't get off the result screen after 3 races)

Also to Add it only reconises the Intel chipset, not the GTX970M thats present in the laptop.