Retro Game/Multi game tat

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Retro Game/Multi game tat

Post by Sega2006 » Wed Oct 18, 2017 6:42 pm

Is anyone else facinated by these or is it just me?

Walking through a shopping Centre in Middlesbrough on a visit with the Mrs I treated myself to a mini arcade machine after watching a review on some official ones, annoyingly it was missing some of the games from the Demo one (exitebike to name one) but it did have a few classics resprited and renamed , including City Connection which I'll come back to shortly.

Now I have a few things like this, the Handheld MD console (bought before shops started asking £60 for them), a plug in Joystick thing and Game and watch/ Famicom thing.
I refer to the latter as things as the 'retro' 8 bit games they are filled with are mostly Naff things that would make Mr Ashens make a happy wee of hatred for although the Bear vs Bald Mario ripoff was funny and wroked well.

Now back to City connection, I have fond memories of this but not from an official source, no I had this on a plug and play which I dearly loved and can't seem to find anything like it anymore (I imagine though its probably due to the blatant Copyright infringment).
This thing didn't last all that long, build quality was akin to cheese but it was full of stuff and kept me amused for hours, Ice Climber (arcade has this but its broken as you can't run out of lives), City Connection, Adventure Island, Donkey Kong and a Penguin thing I bought on MSX but cannot remember the name of.
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