Play Expo Glasgow 2017

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Re: Play Expo Glasgow 2017

Post by deadpan666 » Sat Jun 17, 2017 12:30 am

Antiriad2097 wrote:
Thu Jun 15, 2017 1:25 am
Darran@Retro Gamer wrote:
Wed Jun 14, 2017 6:43 pm
It's so gutting that so many retro events are in the north :(
Hope it goes well.
There's only this one that I can think of. All the rest are in England.
Hehe..yeah...I think last year was pretty much the first time we've had anything on this scale North of the border!

I'm actually able to make it this least on the Saturday...Sunday is still a maybe!

I haven't been able to get to sleep though, due to being too warm, and having that not-sure-if-too-excited-or-just-anticipating-sleep-too-much-type insomnia I always get before events, holidays, job interviews...

So yeah, I'll be the hairy zombie-like, bleary-eyed, hairy chap in an Iron Maiden t-shirt wandering around trying to stay feel free to say Hi, just be aware I'll be running on Gregg's coffee and might be a little jittery/jumpy...

(Also, just realised that description of me is quite useless when you're in Glasgow..there'll probably be loads of people who look like that! :lol: :wink: )
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Re: Play Expo Glasgow 2017

Post by the_hawk » Sun Jun 18, 2017 4:32 pm

It was great fun, I'm glad I went.
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Re: Play Expo Glasgow 2017

Post by atariman72 » Sun Jun 18, 2017 6:05 pm

Probably enjoyed it more this year than I did last year :)
The classic coin-ops were well setup and got to play on all the old favourites. Was also especially nice to meet Jim Bagley and see the Spectrum Next in action.

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