the star wars thread

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the star wars thread

Post by stayAwhile » Thu Jan 05, 2017 8:22 am

I couldn't find a dedicated geners lstar wars thread so thought I'd start one, for 3 years or so I lost intrest but 2 weeks ago i watch the force awakens and once again have become a huge star wars geek but heres an intresting thing i'm a big fan of the prequels, grevias was a great charicter and I loved episode I, especially the music and the duel of fates battle.

did anyone here go see the trilogy in the cinema? I was too young to see the first prints(when a new hope was simply star wars and people dismissed the fact film 2 was ep 5) but did get to go watch the 1997 se versions in the liverpool showcase and it was amazing so when ep I was out I went to see that too but I think during 2 and 3 i went to marvel movies instead and caught up on dvd. as for 8 i got it on blu ray for 4 quid.
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Re: the star wars thread

Post by felgekarp » Thu Jan 05, 2017 8:35 am

Yes I saw Star Wars at the pictures when I was 4 years old, there was none of that New Hope rubbish it was just Star Wars, been a fan ever since. I don't mind the prequels, they're not brilliant but they each have something decent in them.

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Re: the star wars thread

Post by Antiriad2097 » Thu Jan 05, 2017 8:36 am

I've seen them all at the cinema, right from first release, with multiple viewings of 1, 4, 5, 6 & 7 that way due to rereleases & 2D/3D versions.

Here you go, old thread is here: ... =6&t=19384
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Re: the star wars thread

Post by Katzkatz » Tue Jan 10, 2017 10:19 am

I saw Star Wars on ITV on its original UK broadcast in 1982 - and everyone was talking about it the next day at primary school. I was allowed to stay up late to watch it on the Sunday night. I then got my Dad to video it on to Betamax when it was shown again(sometime in 1983). I remember re-watching it quite a few times on that format.

I was taken to the cinema to see Return of the Jedi on its original release. It was the first film that I ever saw in the cinema. It was at the old Regal Cinema in Deal, in Kent. I did like it at the time. I even got the special pamphlet for the film, which featured all the new vehicles(the B-Wings, etc.) and characters(like the band in Jabba's hut).

I got to see The Empire Strikes Back the following year. In those days, cinema chains would often show old movies or fairly new ones, the following year or so on - remember video recorders were still in their infancy and we only had four channels in the UK. Different times.

I did get to watch the Special Editions in the cinema. They were okay - I suppose it was good to see that the old films had been restored some what. The extra scenes(apart from Jabba and Han) don't really add much.

I did watch the prequels in the cinema. I did wait however, after all the queues had died down. I suppose Revenge of the Sith has a few decent things going for it.

I did get to see The Force Awakens in the cinema. Sadly, non IMAX - as I think the UK only got one proper IMAX film print of that, and the London Science Museum showcased it. I'd loved to have have it in that format. Instead of which, I saw it in a pretty decent multiplex and in 3D. The 3D doesn't really add much. It's okay - I can see why they sort of did the story the way they did, as it's more an origin story. I just hope that the future films have something different to add to the SW universe.

I did get to see Rogue One in IMAX. Yeah, this had the "edge" that was sort of lacking in The Force Awakens. I really liked it. I would like to go and re-watch it. It was good to see another side to the SW universe. This rag tag motley crew of characters. I can sort of see a film about the bounty hunters in the SW universe(I think there are rumours of a Boba Fett one) as being interesting.

I did have a few of the toys as a kid.

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