FOR TRADE - SNES games and manuals

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FOR TRADE - SNES games and manuals

Post by Mortis » Thu Aug 25, 2016 5:58 am

First time doing this on Retrogamer and hopefully this will not be deleted.

So looking to swap manuals and CIB games for the same value and happy to email or whatsapp any pictures as obviously not everything will be in top condition.

What I have to trade:


Sim City UKV
PGA Tour Golf UKV
International Superstar Soccer Deluxe EUR
Killer Instinct UKV
NHLPA Hockey 93 UKV
Lethal Weapon UKV
Nigel Mansell W.C Racing UKV
Lemmings UKV
F Zero USA
Super Mario World USA
U.N Squadron USA

Manual and Cartridge Only:

Killer Instinct UKV
Starwing UKV
Super Mario Allstars UKV

Complete In Box:

Super Mario World 2 Yoshis Island NOE
Suoer Castlevania IV NOE (manual has rip out of back cover)
Lemmings 2 The Tribes EUR
Manchester United Championship Soccer EUR
Donkey Kong Country UKV
Cannon Fodder EUR (Whole back cover of manual missing)
Taz Mania UKV
Street Racer EUR
Super Tennis UKV
Striker UKV
Clue USA
Smartball USA
Toys Let The Wars Begin USA

Boxed Cartridge Missing Manual:

Dragons Lair UKV (Tattier condition than the rest)

I am happy to trade a CIB game for a manual and vice versa but obviously values must be agreed on and also don't mind splitting the cartridges and manuals up.

What I am looking for:

Any one of the 400 CIB Snes Games I am searching for which will probably need you to email me a trade list etc.

Snes Manuals only:

Fatal Fury 2 EUR (well I can dream)
Home Alone UKV
Megalomania UKV
Ultraman UKV
Ms Pacman EUR
California Games 2 NOE (again another probable dream)
Illusion of Time UKV (and preferably a map too)
Super Battletank 2 UKV
Aladdin UKV
Sonic Blast Man ESP (this would be far beyond a dream)

Snes Cartridges only:

Gods UKV
Weapon Lord UKV
Super Probotector UKV

Boxed Cartridges only without the manual (or the full game as can sell the manual):

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 EUR
On The Ball UKV
Street Fighter 2 UKV
F Zero UKV
Vegas Stakes UKV
Super Battletank UKV
Spindizzy Worlds UKV
Looney Tunes Road Runner UKV
Super Mario Allstars and Super Mario World UKV 2?
Dragon The Bruce Lee Story EUR
NBA All Star Challenge UKV
Biker Mice From Mars EUR

In addition to my SNES trade list I also have retro consoles and games for other formats like PS2, Xbox orginal, NES. Spectrum and a few other bits as well in case of value needing to be equalled.

Many thanks


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