Who'd Be a 1970s/80s BBC Personality Now

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Re: Who'd Be a 1970s/80s BBC Personality Now

Post by psj3809 » Fri Sep 26, 2014 4:56 am

markopoloman wrote:With these guys being found guilty, does that stop you listening to their music (well, not DLT obviously!). I still think Rolf Harris is a legend and his music is funny and brilliant. Garry Glitter though, I never liked so not too bothered listening to his old stuff...
Yep, not that i was ever a huge Gary Glitter fan but i wince when i hear some of his songs played at american football games. Oasis stopped playing 'Hello' as they paid Glitter some royalties so they refuse to play it ever.

Rolf Harris i'm stunned by, used to think 'top bloke' when hes saying all these nice things about some poor animal injured etc. Now look !

But if my favourite artist was convicted of something dodgy i would stop listening to their music. I was never a fan of Lost Prophets but i've read that their fanbase have mostly dropped them. Just a few loonies thinking hes innocent etc

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Re: Who'd Be a 1970s/80s BBC Personality Now

Post by Son_of_Shinobi » Sat Sep 27, 2014 3:33 pm

Son_of_Shinobi wrote:I'll bet you any money that Noel Edmonds makes the papers in the next couple of months - watch this space...
I'll be the editors of the newspapers'll draw a random name out of a hat and I've said this on another forum (Anybody else on here gaving touble getting back into Digital Spy's General Discussion forums after being logged out?) Who's next on the list and no 70s/80s BBC personality is safe from the self appointed paedo hunters, judges and juries in the newspapers when circulation numbers are at stake.
All it takes is just one false allegation about something that happed thirty or fourty years ago made up by som star struck groupie who couldn't get her way and careers're over and lives're ruined. Innocent people have been, had their lives destroyed, marriages wrecked, kids taken away from them, lost their job, hounded out of their own homes and driven to suicide as a result and good teachers have been sacked from their jobs by such allegations as well.
Ya know, I'd find it more interesting if we learnt which female TV personalitys / stars / actressess / celebrities were victim of the casting couch, i use the term victim loosely as we all know that many women would sleep with an exec if it gave them a leg up the ladder so to speak. Knowing how desperate some women are, I'd say there are a fair few. I have a tenner on Amanda Holden.

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Re: Who'd Be a 1970s/80s BBC Personality Now

Post by markopoloman » Sat Sep 27, 2014 11:14 pm

I'd give you a tenner for Amanda Holden on a casting couch! :shock: :D
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