Men Of War - Assault Squad

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Men Of War - Assault Squad

Post by station » Sun Jul 10, 2011 7:33 am

I'm a big fan of 'authentic' RTS games (no Warhammer or Red Alert, etc although I'd probably like them anyway).

There's a decent amount of these games coming from obscure places in Europe and I discovered the D-Day stuff from Monte Cristo Studios and loved the simplicity of it, and of course the Company Of Heroes games, which feel a bit limited in control and a tiny bit arcadey.

I played the sequel to Faces Of War called Men Of War - Red Tide, and found it good, but a bit buggy and under-developed. I bought the new(ish) one yesterday (Assault Squad) at about 6pm and stopped playing it at 4am when I thought I really should've gone to bed.
I love it, hard graft pays off and it's not got that ridiculous learning curve or the chance/luck thing, it's long with each mission lasting a few hours, and the menu system is complex but easy to use.
Any fans of the WW2 RTS games should love this.

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