The Grand National

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Re: The Grand National

Post by Rinoa » Mon Apr 11, 2011 4:10 pm

Never put a bet on anything before. I wouldn't know how :?

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Re: The Grand National

Post by lanky316 » Tue Apr 12, 2011 8:36 am

psj3809 wrote:
The_Pope wrote:I'd never watched it before but was really rather repulsed - something like 3 fallers in 4 fences and I think two dead horses by the end of it all!?! :evil:
I know thats the reason i wont watch it. The thing is if all the jumps were lower people would still bet millions, they bet tons on the National as each way are places 1-5 , not because the jumps are so high and every year a few horses get shot and killed.
Incidentally one of the safety measures introduced were to make the fences sloped to reduce the falls, unfortunately the downside of that was that the field now generally travel quicker in the run up to fences - especially on firmer conditions as per Saturdays race - so if there is a clip there's more momentum to swing you over further and with increased pace you're more likely to slightly misjudge it.

The RSPCA are happy that the course changes made over the last couple of years seem to be working and the new run-off areas certainly prevented the chance of further tragedy. We might see a reworking of Beechers in the next year or two but the race is certainly moving in the right direction as far as they're concerned.

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