Famous People from your Home Town

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Re: Famous People from your Home Town

Post by lanky316 » Mon Apr 26, 2010 9:46 am

Just remembered a couple more.

The current England Ladies cricket captain Charlotte Edwards. Also the only two British male gymnasts to ever achieve anything Louis Smith and Daniel Keetings train here. Smith is local but Keetings travels in from Corby.

A few of the girls are from the area but aren't successful or good looking enough to justify mentioning/pics.

The original Queen bassist, don't know his surname but his names Barry also runs a retro sweet shop in the town. Seeing as he was gone before they did anything the demos and photos he has are interesting to say the least!

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Re: Famous People from your Home Town

Post by stvd » Mon Apr 26, 2010 9:55 am

1! Apparently.

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George Bissett is a hockey player.


- George started his professional career as a hockey player with the Detroit Hettche team in 1949.

Famous Why?

George is famous for his career in the National Hockey League.
@!?!@!?!@?! :shock:

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Re: Famous People from your Home Town

Post by rainbird rich » Mon Apr 26, 2010 10:53 am

Here's a few:

Colin Salmon (actor - appeared in the Pierce Brosnan Bond movies, Alien vs Predator, Doctor Who, etc.)
Lee Ross (actor - appeared in Eastenders, Robin Hood, Life on Mars, Catherine Tate Show, Playing the Field, etc.)
Sean Gallagher (actor - appeared in Coronation Street, Doctor Who, Rock Rivals, etc.)
Neil Jackson (actor - appeared in Oliver Stone's Alexander, also in Sky TVs Dream Team)
David Arnold (Film composer - Young Americans, Independence Day, A Life Less Ordinary, Stargate, numerous James Bonds up to the most recent, etc.)
Danny Cannon (Film director - Young Americans, Judge Dredd, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, CSI, etc.)
John Badham (Film director - Saturday Night Fever, Wargames, Blue Thunder, Short Circuit, Bird on a Wire, etc.)
Steve Dillon (Comic Book artist - 2000 AD, Doctor Who, various Marvel comic books)
Paul Young (Singer - Streetband, Q-Tips, Solo hits 'Wherever I lay my hat', etc. in the 80s)
David Renwick (TV writer - One Foot in the Grave, Jonathan Creek)
Arthur Hailey (Novelist - Hotel, Airport, etc.)
Kingsley Black (Footballer, Northern Ireland, Luton Town, Nottingham Forest, Grimsby Town, Lincoln City)
Kevin Blackwell (Footballer/Manager - Barton Rovers, Leeds Utd, Luton Town, Sheffdield Utd)
Kerry Dixon (Footballer - Reading, Chelsea, Southampton, Luton Town, etc.)
Monty Panesar (Cricketer, Northamptonshire, England, etc.)

Luton, Bedfordshire in case you were wondering!
Richard H.
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Re: Famous People from your Home Town

Post by GigaPepsiMan » Mon Apr 26, 2010 11:31 am

The good:
Ched Evans - Sheffield United and Welsh footballer
Lee Evans - Comedian.
Ted Hankey - Darts player.
Adrian Henri - Poet and painter.
Lee Trundle - Bristol City footballer.
Nerys Hughes - Television actress.
Sir John T. Houghton, leading scientist and former co-chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Mike Peters - Member of The Alarm.
Carly Romain - Member of The Sheilas.
Lisa Scott-Lee - Member of pop group Steps.
Steve Strange - Pop Singer.
Sara Sugarman - Hollywood director.
Carol Vorderman - Television Presenter
Lawrence Delaney - Author.

The Bad:
Peter Moore - Serial killer.
Ruth Ellis - The last woman to be hanged in Britain in 1955.

Those are the ones on wikipedia anyway.

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Re: Famous People from your Home Town

Post by RetroRik » Mon Apr 26, 2010 1:18 pm

lanky316 wrote:Smith is local but Keetings travels in from Corby.
Yep was gunna mention Daniel Keetings..Comes from my town of Corby...

Just won Gold on the pommel horse at the European championships.... :)


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Re: Famous People from your Home Town

Post by PCRedux » Mon Apr 26, 2010 1:24 pm

From where I was born (Croydon)

* Feroz Abbasi, arrested in Afghanistan in 2001 and detained at Guantanamo Bay, lived in Shirley and attended school in Croydon.
* Dame Peggy Ashcroft (1907–1991), Actress was born in Croydon and lived in George Street as a child. She is honoured in the naming of the Ashcroft Theatre, part of the Fairfield Halls. She was a school friend of architect Jane Drew
* Baron Ali (1964–[[ ]]), Born and raised in the north of Croydon Waheed Alli is a ultimillionaire media entrepreneur and politician. Co-founder of Planet 24 TV production company, and MD at Carlton Television. Currently chairman of ASOS.com and Chorion Ltd. A Labour peer and one of very few openly gay Muslim politicians in the world.
* Jeannie Baker (1940-), artist, author, designer and animator
* Jeff Beck (1944-), guitarist
* Derek Bentley (1933-1953), last male criminal hung in UK
* Dane Bowers (1979-), singer
* Derren Brown, illusionist, was born and brought up in Purley.
* Raymond Burns (1954-), musician, member of punk rock band the Damned. He is also known by the name Captain Sensible.
* Mark Butcher (1972-), in Croydon - Surrey and England cricketer
* Martin Clunes (1961-), actor - resident
* Carlton Cole, footballer, born in Croydon, played for Chelsea, currently playing for West Ham United
* Ronnie Corbett, the comic actor lived for many years in Shirley, Croydon
* Frederick George Creed (1871–1957), Electrical engineer and inventor of the Teleprinter lived and died at 20 Outram Road, Addiscombe.
* Tasha Danvers-Smith (1977-), champion hurdler
* Desmond Dekker (1941-2006) Legendary Ska musician lived in Thornton Heath.
* Luol Deng (1985-), basketball player for the Chicago Bulls and Great Britain raised in South Norwood
* Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859–1930) author and creator of Sherlock Holmes, lived at 12 Tennison Road, South Norwood 1891-1894.
* Jacqueline du Pré (1945-1987), A British cellist, acknowledged as one of the greatest players of the instrument, but whose career was cut short by multiple sclerosis. Lived in Purley and attended Croydon High School.
* Tracey Emin (1963-), artist
* Matthew Fisher (1946-), musician, Procol Harum, Composer of Whiter Shade of Pale
* Donna Fraser (1972-), international athlete
* Sir Philip Green (1952-), Croydon born British billionaire who is the owner of the Arcadia Group.
* Johnathon "JB" Gill (1986-), JLS singer.
* Roy Hodgson, football manager and former player, born in Croydon
* Roy Hudd Comedian was born in Croydon in 1936.[1]
* George Arthur Knowland, recipient of the Victoria Cross during the Second World War
* D. H. Lawrence (1885–1930) Author lived at 12 Colworth Road, Addiscombe, 1908-1912 whilst a teacher at Davidson Road School.
* Kirsty MacColl, the late singer and songwriter was born and grew up in Croydon
* Duke McKenzie (1963-), world champion boxer
* Katie Melua, singer, songwriter, musician who went to the Brit School for Performing Arts at Selhurst, Croydon
* Kate Moss (1974-), model.
* Kate Nash (1987-) singer/songwriter born July 6, 1987. Attended Brit School, Croydon
* Luke Pritchard, lead singer of The Kooks, attended the Brit School, Croydon
* Chris Reed (1982-), BBC Radio One Dubstep & Grime DJ/Producer (AKA Plastician)
* Nigel Reo-Coker, current English midfielder, born in Thornton Heath who is playing for Aston Villa and formerly of Wimbledon F.C. and West Ham United
* Alfred Russel Wallace (1823–1913), Naturalist lived at 44 St Peter's Road, Croydon. He independently proposed a theory of evolution by natural selection and prompted Charles Darwin to reveal his own unpublished theory sooner than he had intended.
* John Whitgift (ca. 1530–1604), Archbishop of Canterbury is buried in the Parish Church of St John the Baptist. Several other Archbishops are buried in the Parish Church or St Mary's in Addington.
* Rickie Haywood Williams (1982-), TV and radio presenter currently working for MTV and Kiss 100 London
* Amy Winehouse, singer who attended Brit School, Croydon
* Edward Woodward (1930-2009), born in Croydon, actor
* Ian Wright MBE, former Crystal Palace, Arsenal and England football team footballer lives in Shirley.
* Matthew Wright, British Journalist and Television Presenter born and resides in Croydon.
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Re: Famous People from your Home Town

Post by Antiriad2097 » Mon Apr 26, 2010 1:42 pm

3 of the Miss Scotland winners of the last decade (2001, 2003, 2006) have been from Aberdeen.

None of them are fat birds.
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Re: Famous People from your Home Town

Post by mainvein » Mon Apr 26, 2010 1:55 pm

i was born in a little market town called Ashbourne, no famous people were born there, but Tosh from The Bill moved there not long before he died.

Since moved to Leeds, and my neighbour is Corinne Bailey Rae as it turns out, does that count? :D

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Re: Famous People from your Home Town

Post by Smurph » Mon Apr 26, 2010 2:06 pm

I'm from Tinyville (Whitehead), Co. Antrim, so our claims to fame are incredibly poor.

The only person I'm aware is actually from Whitehead that's famous is the woman that plays Susan Kennedy in Neighbours, her family left when she was a nipper. Kieth Gillespie lived in the next village up and went to the school here, and Sting used to summer here in the 70's. Um. That's it.
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Re: Famous People from your Home Town

Post by bonerlaw » Mon Apr 26, 2010 2:24 pm

Im gonna try and go without using wiki!

From the mighty, mighty town of Doncaster:
Kevin Keegan - Legend (No, hes not from Scunthorpe!)
Jeremy Clarkson - legend
Lesley Garrett - Opera singer
Diana Rigg - a Donny bond girl?
Brian Blessed - Gordons Alive?
Kelly Harrison - Used to be in Casualty, was recently in "A Passionate Woman" (I was in her class at school, didnt think she was fit then, still dont now!)
And.........Thomas Crapper! Didnt invent the flushing toilet, but certainly made it popular!

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Re: Famous People from your Home Town

Post by Joey » Mon Apr 26, 2010 2:29 pm

A few from Leicester..

Gary Linekar
David Attenborough
Richard Attenborough
Gok Wan
Sue Townsend (Author of Adrian Mole books)
Cornershop (Band)
Kasabian (Band)
Englebert Humperdinck
Dominic Keating (Star Trek: Enterprise)
Lisa Lashes (DJ)
Mark Morrison (singer: Return of the Mack)
Henry Walker (founder of Walkers crisps)
Peter Shilton

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Re: Famous People from your Home Town

Post by FatTrucker » Mon Apr 26, 2010 2:37 pm


Russell Brand and Joe Pasquale..

Probably some others but they are likely to be just as pointless.
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Re: Famous People from your Home Town

Post by felgekarp » Mon Apr 26, 2010 2:38 pm

Sheffields most famous resident is Bobby Knutt


Eye up Knutty!

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Re: Famous People from your Home Town

Post by Space_turnip » Mon Apr 26, 2010 3:06 pm

Ralph Milne's Left Foot wrote:Brizzle
Never realised you were actually a Bristol boy Ralph. I could claim Bristol as my home town but my old man gets annoyed when we say we're Bristolian. It's Gloucestershireian or nothing round here (or Avonian...technically for me..).

I still think claiming Harry Potter and Darth Vader as products of my home town(s) makes me win this though ;)

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Re: Famous People from your Home Town

Post by woody.cool » Mon Apr 26, 2010 3:09 pm

Space_turnip wrote:I still think claiming Harry Potter and Darth Vader as products of my home town(s) makes me win this though ;)
Not so bothered about Harry Potter, but claiming Darth Vader as a product of your home town DEFINITELY make this a winner in my eyes! 8)

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