The Wanted List

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The Wanted List

Post by RMLF » Mon May 18, 2009 3:05 pm

Now this might die on the ground but, instead of the forum being clogged up with different wanted requests Id thought Id start a single wanted topic so that it could be pinned and help things tick over. Hopefully this could be pinned and then would be good as a future reference

Presumptious arent I?

In the interests of sanity

Put what you want, system condition and if applicable prices/trade or PM


Currently I want (amongst others):-

Mutant League Hockey, Sega Megadrive, boxed/unboxed, PM-Sorted

Secret of Mana, Snes, boxed/unboxed, PM-Sorted

Zelda, Snes, boxed/unboxed, PM-Sorted

Aerobiz Supersonic, Megadrive/Snes, Want USA/Pal (is there one) version can swap for an unboxed Jap version of the same game (Snes)-Sorted

New Zealand Story Megadrive/Snes boxed/unboxed

Sega 32x As long as it works and doesnt need any pesky leads to connect to the megadrive all is good..
Fire away.

Double Dragon Sega Megadrive.. Boxed/unboxed

Pirates:Gold! Sega Megadrive.. Boxed/unboxed

Final Fight CD Sega Mega CD.. Boxed (Ive only got disc only so a box would be nice) Sorted

The Chaos Engine Sega Megadrive... Boxed/unboxed- Sorted

Streets of Rage 3 Sega Megadrive.... whatever condition

Saturday Night Slammasters Sega Megadrive/Snes. whatever condition

WWF Wrestlemania The Arcade Game Saturn-Sorted and SNES.... whatever condition

Fire Pro..... cant rember if its X or Queens (barbed wire etc etc) Snes

Fire Pro Returns PS2 PAL version- Sorted

Fire Pro Wrestling 2 GBA

Sunset RidersSnes/Megadrive replace my really tatty cart ive got

Skitchin Sega Megadrive not bothered bout condition

Time Killers - Sega Megadrive any condition

The Tick- Sega Megadrive- any condition

Mortal Kombat 3 and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3- Sega Megadrive (Boxed with instructions please)

World Championship Soccer II (Pal Classics Brown cover) Sega Megadrive- my sale fell through, bloke decided to keep it :(

The Firemen- Snes

Power Rangers:the Movie- Mega drive SORTED

Eternal Champions- Mega CD

Guardian Heroes- Sega Saturn- any condition

Burning Rangers- Sega Saturn- any condition
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Re: The Wanted List

Post by ShadowMan » Mon May 18, 2009 3:30 pm

Good idea for a thread, I'm looking for the following (all would need to be boxed complete with manuals and in good condition):

Gameboy Advance games:
Megaman Battle Network 3 White Version
Megaman Battle Network 4 Blue Moon Version
Megaman Battle Network 5 Team Protoman Version
Megaman Battle Network 6 Cyberbeast Falzar Version

Super Famicom
Rockman X
Rockman X2
Rockman X3
Rockman Soccer
Rockman & Forte

Super Nintendo (PAL Versions)
Megaman X2
Megaman X3

Megaman: Dr Wily's Revenge (PAL UK Version, really just want a good box)
Megaman II (USA Version)

Megaman X4 (PAL Version)
Megaman X5 (USA Version)

If you have any of the above in good condition (especially the GBA games) I'd be happy to buy them!
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Re: The Wanted List

Post by nesmaster » Mon May 18, 2009 3:49 pm

I've got quite a big wanted list :(

Mega Drive
Import cart
The Punisher
Chamelion Kid
Techno Cop
Golden Axe 3
Streets Of Rage 3

Mega CD

Mortal Kombat
Mega Man X
Joe And Mac

PC Engine
Bonks Adventure

Neo Turf Masters (Yeah right)
Super Sidekicks

Banjo Tooie
Conkers Bad Fur Day :P

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Re: The Wanted List

Post by nokgod » Mon May 18, 2009 4:21 pm

NGPC Games......any............other than Sonic Pocket Adventure, Pacman or Neo Mystery Bonus!
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Re: The Wanted List

Post by MikeHaggar » Mon May 18, 2009 5:41 pm

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Re: The Wanted List

Post by Shinobi » Mon May 18, 2009 6:07 pm

Any Jap Snes games partically any scrolling beat em up which I don't have such as Rushing Beat Run, Rushing Beat 3 Sonic Blast Man 2 etc

Super Shinobi and Super Shinobi 2 Megadrive Jap
Snes Wild Guns
Snes Sonic Blast Man 2
Snes Offical pads SORTED
Boxed Commodore 64 SORTED
Boxed Commodore plus 16 or +4
Starblade Alpha PS1
Silent Hill SORTED
Killer 7 Gamecube
Haunting Ground PS2SORTED
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Re: The Wanted List

Post by Grizzly » Mon May 18, 2009 6:12 pm

nesmaster wrote:I've got quite a big wanted list :(

Mega Drive
Import cart
The Punisher
Chamelion Kid
Techno Cop
Golden Axe 3
Streets Of Rage 3

Mega CD

Mortal Kombat
Mega Man X
Joe And Mac

PC Engine
Bonks Adventure

Neo Turf Masters (Yeah right)
Super Sidekicks

Banjo Tooie
Conkers Bad Fur Day :P


i have a copy of conkers bad fur day not sure if i will swap though. its cart only if your interested in making an offer
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Re: The Wanted List

Post by The Angry Jock » Mon May 18, 2009 6:19 pm

When did Snatcher start going for £150? A year ago it was under 50!
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Re: The Wanted List

Post by WildWillyWilson » Mon May 18, 2009 6:26 pm

I'm interested in any mint complete Jap MD games as you'll probably all know.

Funnily enough some of the most "common" are actually proving hard to get like Golden Axe, Sonic etc..

The key is getting them in mint complete conditon, you can get them loose/incomplete etc... but thats against my religion! :)

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Re: The Wanted List

Post by harlequ1n » Mon May 18, 2009 6:28 pm

Good idea for a thread. I posted my most wanted retro games back in my retro-passion cost thread and I'm happy to announce that I've all the Saturn games I originally wanted. I'll add some more to the pool though.

  • Battle Garegga
  • Batsugun
  • Metal Black
  • Hyper Duel
  • Sexy Parodius
  • Thunder Force Gold Pack 2
  • Dungeons & Dragons Collection
  • Shinrei Jusatsushi Tarômaru
  • Blast Wind
  • DoDonPachi
  • Darius II/Gaiden
  • Cotton 2/Boomerang
  • Gekirindan (got the PS2 port)
  • Image Fight/X-Multiply
  • Layer Section II
  • Shienryu
  • Galaxy Force II
  • Super Dimensional Fortress Macross
  • Ibara
  • DoDonPachi Daioujou
  • ESPgaluda
  • Psyvariar Complete Edition & 2
  • Ghost Hunter
  • Obscure
  • Project Zero (1-3)
  • Forbiden Siren
  • The Suffering
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Re: The Wanted List

Post by northern_gooner » Mon May 18, 2009 6:30 pm

Heres my list :)

GAME GEAR (must be complete)
Galaga 2
Monster Truck Wars
Power Drive 

MEGA CD (must be complete)
Samurai Shodown

MEGA DRIVE (must be complete)
Addams Family Values
Aero the Acrobat
Aero the Acrobat 2
Alien Soldier
Arrow Flash
Art of Fighting
Asterix and the Power of the Gods
ATP Tour Championship Tennis
Brutal Paws of Fury
Bubble and Squeek
Champions World Class Soccer
Champions World Class Soccer endorsed by PSG (France)
Cheese Cat-astrophe: Speedy Gonzales
Daffy Duck in Hollywood
Demolition Man
Desert Demolition: Road Runner & Wile Cayote
Double Dragon
Double Dragon III: The Arcade Game
Dragon Ball Z L'Appel du Destin (France)
Elitserien '95 (Scandinavia)
Elitserien '96 (Scandinavia)
Exo Squad
F1 World Championship Edition
Fantastic Dizzy & Cosmic Spacehead
Fire Shark
Foreman for Real Boxing
Gunstar Heroes
Izzy's Quest for the Olympic Rings
Lethal Enforcers Box Set With Gun
Lethal Enforcers II: Gunfighters NOW GOT
Man Overboard!
Mazin Wars PENDING
Mega Games 6 Vol. 3
Mega Man The Wily Wars
Mega Turrican
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker
Might and Magic Gate To Another World NOW GOT
Mike Ditka Power Football
MTV's Beavis and Butthead
Mutant League Hockey
NBA Action '95 starring David Robinson
NBA Live '97
NBA Showdown
NFL Quarterback Club '96
NHL '97
NHL Hockey '94
Normy's Beach Babe-O-Rama
Pete Sampras Tennis J-Cart Version
Phantasy Star III Generations of Doom
Phantasy Star IV
Pink Goes to Hollywood
Prince of Persia
Rock 'n Roll Racing
Samurai Shodown
Saturday Night Slam Masters
Sega Sports 1
Shadow Dancer The Secret of Shinobi
Shaq-Fu With Audio CD
Shining Force
Shining Force II
Shinobi III Revenge of the Ninja Master
Skeleton Krew
Snake Rattle 'n Roll
Spiderman & Venom Maximum Carnage
Star Control
Star Trek Deep Space Nine Crossroads Of Time
Streets of Rage 3
Strider II
Super Baseball 2020
Super League
Super Off Road
Super Street Fighter II NOW GOT
Superman The Man of Steel
Telstar Double Value Games: Alien 3 & Predator 2
Telstar Double Value Games: Another World & Speedball 2
Telstar Double Value Games: Back To The Future 3 & Batman Returns
Telstar Double Value Games: Batman & Terminator
Telstar Double Value Games: Corporation & Aquatic Games
Telstar Double Value Games: EA Sports Double Header & Lotus II: RECS
Telstar Double Value Games: Global Gladiators & World Of Illusion
Telstar Double Value Games: Gynoug & Strider
Telstar Double Value Games: James Bond 007 & Captain America
Telstar Double Value Games: LHX Attack Chopper & Shadow Of The Beast
Telstar Double Value Games: Outrun 2019 & Lotus Turbo Challenge
Telstar Double Value Games: Pit-Fighter & Wrestle War
Telstar Double Value Games: Rocket Knight Adventure & Chuck Rock II
Telstar Double Value Games: Sonic The Hedgehog & James Pond 2
Telstar Double Value Games: Sonic The Hedgehog 2 & Bubsy
Telstar Double Value Games: Super Kick Off & Davis Cup World Tour
Telstar Double Value Games: The Flintstones & Lemmings
Telstar Double Value Games: Wiz 'N' Liz & Puggsy
Telstar Double Value Games: WWF Wrestlemania & Power Monger
Telstar Double Value Games: Zool & James Pond 3
Terminator 2 Judgement Day
The Adams Family NOW GOT
The Adventures of Mighty Max
The Death and Return of Spiderman
The Ooze
The Pirates of Dark Water
The Punisher
The Simpsons Virtual Bart
Thunderforce IV
Time Killers
TinTin In Tibet
Tiny Toons Adventures ACME All-Stars
TMNT: The Hyperstone Heist
Toe Jam & Earl
Tony La Russa Baseball
True Lies
Turrican (France)
Twin Hawk
Two Crude Dudes
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
Venom - Spider-Man Separation Anxiety
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? With Almanac
Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? With Desk Encyclopedia
Wolverine Adamantium Rage
Wonderboy in Monsterland
World Championship Soccer 2
X-Men 2 Clone Wars
Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel

N64 (must be complete)
Aidyn Chronicles The First Mage
Air Boarder 64
Arcade's Greatest Hits 1
Bakuretsu Muteki Bangaioh
Banjo Tooie
Batman Of The Future Return Of The Joker
Battle Tanx Global Assault
Castlevania Legacy Of Darkness
Centre Court Tennis
Chameleon Twist
Chameleon Twist 2
Conker's Bad Fur Day
Cruis'n World
Dark Rift
Disney's Tarzan
Dual Heroes
Duck Dodgers Starring Daffy Duck
Fighting Force 64
Hercules The Legendary Journeys
Hydro Thunder
In Fisherman Bass Hunter 64
Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000
Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards
Madden NFL '99
Mario Golf
Mario Party
Mario Party 2
Mario Party 3
Mario Tennis
Mortal Kombat 4
Mortal Kombat Mythologies Sub-Zero
Mortal Kombat Trilogy
Mystical Ninja 2 Starring Goemon
NBA Pro '99
NFL Quarterback Club 2000
Nuclear Strike 64
Paper Mario
Paperboy 64
PGA European Tour
Pokemon Puzzle League
Rampage 2 Universal Tour
Rat Attack
Resident Evil 2
Ridge Racer 64
Road Rash 64
Robotron 64
Rocket Robot On Wheels
Rush 2 Extreme Racing USA
San Francisco Rush
San Francisco Rush 2049
Shadowgate 64 Trials Of The Four Towers
South Park Rally
Star Craft 64
Star Wars Episode 1 Battle For Naboo
Super Smash Bros.
Supercross 2000
Superman 64
The Blues Brothers 2000
Tom & Jerry In Fists Of Furry
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
Tony Hawk's Skateboarding
Top Gear Rally 2
Toy Story 2 Buzz Lightyear To The Rescue!

MICROVISION (must be complete)
Sea Duel
Shooting Star
Space Blitz
Super Blockbuster

CHANNEL F (must be complete)

GAME.COM (must be complete)
Game.Com Internet
Jurassic Park - The Lost World
Quiz Whiz Cyber Trivia
Tiger Web Link
Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune 2

+ A boat load of manuals ... =6&t=15151
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Re: The Wanted List

Post by Grizzly » Mon May 18, 2009 7:04 pm

heres a few off the top of my head

Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit
Battle Fantasia
Prince Of Persia (PS3)

Resident Evil 4

Street Fighter Anniversary Collection
Street Fighter Anniversay Arcade Stick (15th)

Mega Drive

Earthworm Jim 2

will add more as i go
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Re: The Wanted List

Post by rocky1980 » Mon May 18, 2009 7:55 pm

At the moment I am looking for

SNES controller - Sorted

Mega Drive controller
- Sorted

Amiga CD32 console

Mk1 Mega CD

Boxed NES games

NES Zapper

A Game cube MOD chip

Jamma Arcade boards for me new supergun

Atari Jaguar Games

Please PM me with offers, cheers
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Re: The Wanted List

Post by The Master » Mon May 18, 2009 8:02 pm

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Re: The Wanted List

Post by David » Tue May 19, 2009 8:06 am

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