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Post by Jarque » Sat Aug 10, 2019 9:23 pm

Alright, I’m Neil, 39, weaned on Clive’s 48k, moved over to the Amiga, then on to a beauty of a Pentium. Had a thing with a Gameboy for a couple of years. All of them ended up at the tip. I know I know... I currently have a Switch and that’s it. If I buy one “retro” machine I know how things will end up. I do like to emulate, but only if/when time lets me.

Anyway, check my profile for my other interests, all pretty bog standard stuff. I’ve been an RG subscriber since issue 24 and love the mag. I still haven’t picked up issues 2-23 (I’m taking the reprint of issue one I got as an original ;))

And for anyone who’s interested or is in the same club, I’m a friend of Bill, and gaming has kept me going since I’ve been in said club.
“Let his name be praised...” - Lo Ray (1993)

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