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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by nokgod » Mon Jul 21, 2014 4:45 pm

A Gamecube fan!

I like you. :D
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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by jdanddiet » Mon Jul 21, 2014 4:51 pm

3DwhO wrote:Hi everyone,

Well I've kind of given up on the new machines out there (though Lego City made me hang on to the Wii U for a few more months initially) and I've gone back to the two very favourite machines I ever had - the 3DO and the GameCube. I had a 3DO for about a year there but had to sell it on to clear some debts, but now that I'm free of such things for the first time in my life I'm rejoining both of these machines, starting with the Cube, with the 3DO to follow soon.

I live in a small seaside town of Whitehead in Northern Ireland, just lost my job thanks to "downsizing" and "outsourcing" and so while I await word on future employment I'm spending an exorbitant amount of time hunting out the perfect Cube and thought I'd join in the fun here since I've been meaning to for so long now, as I'm a fan of the magazine. I'm also across at the 3DO Zone forum under the same name and write a blog about the brill 80s UK comic Oink!

Oh and my real name is Phil!
Welcome Phil!
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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by Papissama » Mon Aug 18, 2014 10:06 am

Hey guys (and girls), I 'm Papi! I'm 34 and all about the games since 1985.
Very nice to meet you all! ;)

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by ulrich7ad » Tue Aug 19, 2014 9:51 am

Hi there. I'm a long time reader of the mag but this is the first time visiting the forum. I'm mainly into Nintendo stuff up until the dreamcast, then pretty much anything goes.

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by JamesC » Tue Aug 19, 2014 3:24 pm

Hi all,

My name's James, I'm 37 years old and I've been gaming for about as long as I can remember. In fact, I can't actually remember what was the first game I ever played. I grew up in Great Yarmouth and trips to the arcades were fairly regular so it would have been some old coin-op or possibly the Binatone TV game my dad bought home from work (to be put in a cupboard and never played again once it's expensive load of batteries had run out. No mains power input!)
When I was 5 or 6 my older brother got a 16k ZX Spectrum for his birthday (later upgraded to 48k). We both played the hell out of that. Personal favourites were Scuba Dive, Attik Attak, Thanatos, Kosmic Kanga and Brian Bloodaxe. They were all rock hard. I think the only game I ever completed on the Speccy was Bruce Lee. Everyone could complete Bruce Lee.
A Commodore 64 followed and then a NES a couple of years later. I've had most popular consoles since then at one time or another.
I'm an occasional reader of the Retro Gamer mag (I should really buy it more regularly - I always read it cover to cover when I do). I'm also heavily involved in the Norwich Gaming Festival which is an evolution of the Retro Arcade events I organised with no budget, my own consoles and a load of old CRT TVs which I pulled out of a skip.
Personal fave games machines are the Sega Megadrive, Playstation 1 and Nintendo Game Boy. I also have a real soft spot for old arcade cabinets (especially some of the really sculptural custom cabinets like Hang On and the hydraulic Chase HQ).

Phew...I think that's enough about me!

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by muRte » Thu Aug 28, 2014 1:17 pm

Hi, guys!
I'm Pedro, from Portugal, and I grew up with the evolution of home computers, back in mid 80s, and this passion of mine began with my beloved Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128k +2A.
I've recently started my own YouTube channel "It's a Pixel THING" where I do weekly videos about retrogaming (Amiga, DOS, Spectrum) and video gaming industry analysis!
Check it out, if you have the time!

Thank you very much!

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by dste » Thu Aug 28, 2014 5:58 pm

Hello and welcome to all new people. :D
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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by ncf1 » Sat Aug 30, 2014 7:23 pm

hi James and Murte. Hardcore 8-bitters ;)

I reckon we get maximum enjoyment out of playing new games (and old), us that have been around since the 'ol days'.

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by madhair60 » Mon Sep 01, 2014 5:35 am

Re-introducing myself. Coming back for a return visit; going through my post history I didn't half used to whinge! Hopefully I can contribute something worthwhile.
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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by Gubbins1 » Tue Sep 02, 2014 4:30 pm

Ey up,

decided to give the forum another go after looking at Darren's twitter pic of Castlevania IV on the SNES. Been reading the magazine since issue 2 under its former printer, used to be in the forum under another name years ago (couldn't remember it so have created a new one), been gaming on various formats since I bought a second hand ZX81 in 1982 from a school friend for £25, that was many, many, many weeks pocket money back then.

Loving the magazine (still) and we've just recently bought a new gaff which means I now have a man cave of my own (hurrah), just starting it up and need to restart collecting again. Currently it's kitted out with a BBC model B, Amiga, Commodore 64, 3 Playstations (god knows), a PS2, Xbox, Saturn, Dreamcast, Xbox 360 (PS3 is in the living room), and a very dusty Wii.
Want to get a SNES, NES, Megadrive, Master System and a Spectrum over the coming months and then see where things go.
Just finding time to play on anything these days is the challenge.

Feels good to be back

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by markopoloman » Tue Sep 02, 2014 6:28 pm

Hi madhair60 and gubbins1 and errrrr welcome back! :D

I'm sure you'll recognise some of the old faces around here - plenty of new ones though.

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by leespoons » Wed Sep 24, 2014 9:56 am

Hello, I'm leespoons and I like old games. I had a Speccy+ from 1985-89 so that's my first love, along with old arcade games. I also make tunes for the Speccy beeper every now and then.

Currently playing Life of Pixel and through that I'm starting to get curious about some of the other machines from back in the day - I remember seeing the C64 and Amstrad in the shops but most of my friends had Spectrums so I never got to play on any of them (apart from my mate's Acorn Electron).

I've been trying to get my kids into all this stuff but they prefer Minecraft... ho hum :roll: :lol:

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by mohicankid » Mon Oct 06, 2014 11:57 am

Its been almost a year since I last visited this forum and seeing as there are a few new faces, thought I'd post in here and say hello again.
I stepped away from forums about a year ago, not just this one but all of them due to the fact that life was getting a little complicated and I needed to bring it back into focus.
I made some fantastic friends on here in the past, and although I still see a number of you at various events, I've missed the guys who can't always make them!
so I'm back.
Although I still have Mod status, I will not be acting in a moderator capacity, I'm just back for a chat or two!

If any new guys want to say Hi at play, I'm the charity guy!


Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by markopoloman » Mon Oct 06, 2014 7:53 pm

Hi MK, welcome to the forum. What systems do you like? :lol: :lol:

(welcome back! see you later in the week :D )

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by mohicankid » Mon Oct 06, 2014 8:43 pm

markopoloman wrote:Hi MK, welcome to the forum. What systems do you like? :lol: :lol:
Seeing as I just loaded over 500 various systems onto pallets and will be unloading them/setting them up in the week.... NONE OF THEM!!! I HATE THEM ALL!!!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...

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