Chrono cross NTSC on PAl PS2

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Chrono cross NTSC on PAl PS2

Post by Blitzwarrior87 » Fri Jul 10, 2020 6:00 pm

Hello, im new to this forum, i was searching some place for talking about my problem, and this site seeemed to be a good place to me.
I explain my problem briefly, i have PAL Slim PS2, modified with the double opener for having easy disk change and the magicswap3 disk, it work fine with NTSC ps2 game ( Xenogear3 and Namco X Capcom), but when i try it with Chrono Cross, it refuse to launch it, probably because its ps1 game.

So, my question is there any other way to correct that problem, and if so, wich one?
Thanks in advance.

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