Andrew Hewson has a shout out to RetroGamer in his book!

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Andrew Hewson has a shout out to RetroGamer in his book!

Post by seekingvirtue » Sat Jan 20, 2018 5:48 pm

    In case you lads did not know. I’ve been reading Andrew Hewson’s book Hints and Tips for Videogame Pioneers. He is talking about Paradroid, and his thoughts as to why it remains a cult classic. There are lots of reasons, but this is the excerpt on page 94 that (in the last sentence) he gives you lads a shout out...
    Uniqueness is one of the reasons why Paradroid continues to appear in many critics’ list of the top games of all time. Paradroids simple rule set creates an open-ended system that foresters emergent gameplay and enables the player to take a different approach on each playing occasion. The self-balancing difficulty curve created by giving the more powerful robots a higher energy burn rate, and the natural reduction in opportunities for recovery as robot number decline, combine to make the completion of a level satisfyingly difficult without the artificial introduction of a conventional end-of level monster. And minimalist visuals that looked unremarkable on first release, are now instantly recognizable amongst the noise of generic screenshots when glimpses from the corner of the eye in the pages of magazines like Retro Gamer
    Bravo lads’ if there was ever wonder if Mr Hewson thumbs your pages. Put it to rest

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