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Re: Robin of Sherwood(old ITV series)

Posted: Wed Apr 19, 2017 10:33 pm
by Shinobi
Katzkatz wrote:
Shinobi wrote:I remember this, mostly one episode with all those hooded devil worshippers who brought some evil god or devil into our world, only to get killed by Robin as it came through. Could anybody who remembers this confirm if this happens or is my imagination playing tricks as I recall it being very dark with supernatural elements?
Ahh, yeah - I think that is in the second season. It also caused a bit of a storm in the tabloids at the time, with them accusing the program of promoting devil worshiping and ironically having Friar Tuck(a holy man) in Robin's gang.
Thanks Katz I was beginning to doubt myself over the supernatural elements especially with how cheesy BBC Robin Hood was. You just convinced me to buy the box set:) can't wait to get it:)