Where did you shop?

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Re: Where did you shop?

Post by tachi » Thu Dec 20, 2012 6:45 pm

In Plymouth's Frankfurt Gate we had a store called Games Inc. They sold such things as lead soldier figures, chess sets and videogames.
I used to go there and spend hours playing C64 games before buying them and at a later date they started selling Role Playing books and I bought all my D&D and CoC etc there too.
I really miss that store :(
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Re: Where did you shop?

Post by oldtimer » Fri Dec 21, 2012 1:01 pm

Radio Shack for me,we had a concession in my town when i was a kid, used to spend every sat morning mucking around with the computers (tandy), also loveda place called Music Market, was a sort of underground music shop that stocked all the difficult to find records,but also had some Arcade machines too,
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Re: Where did you shop?

Post by JetSetWilly » Fri Dec 21, 2012 5:17 pm

One place I just remembered on Harlow market (when it resembled a market), was Mark's Software. I still remember the layout of the stall. On the right was a wall of C64 games followed by a wall of spectrum games. On the left were Amstrad games. In the back left corner was a table with the latest Amiga and ST games. One I remember seeing, but not buying unfortunately, was the Miggy version of P47 Thunderbolt. Worth quite a bit now, but saw it on the stall for £8 :(
I absolutely love that game. I also remember seeing Shao Lin's Road on budget on the stall too, but not buying that either, and buying OutRun instead.
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Re: Where did you shop?

Post by LiddlDevil » Sat Dec 22, 2012 3:54 pm

I loved going to Tandy they had loads of cool stuff as a kid, my Dad took me in almost every week :mrgreen:

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Re: Where did you shop?

Post by ismellicecream » Mon Dec 24, 2012 9:25 am

If we are talking games, I remember Bits n Bytes was the main place to get games in the mid to late 80s in liverpool,in central station.

My mum and her fella at the time opened their own games shop, about a five minute walk from my school, around 88. Didnt do much business but I had some glorious days in that shop :D

For toys I think it was toy and hobby and zodiac toys. I remember they had shelves of transformers as far as the eye could see.

I also remember a dingy little import comic shop in wavertree, I used to go once a week to buy american comics.

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Re: Where did you shop?

Post by Stainy » Mon Dec 24, 2012 10:15 am

I grew up near Watford... So I went into SRS Microsystems for my computers...and some software.
We had WH Smith also.. I remember buying my C128 from Woolworth :)

In London it was Tottenham Court Road :) Micro Anvika and Virgin Megastore. I remember It was almost ' in one shop, out and next door to the next.

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Re: Where did you shop?

Post by nokgod » Mon Dec 24, 2012 4:24 pm

MattyC64c wrote:Thinking about the 1970's, 80's and 90's, what was your favourite shop that you used to visit regularly?

Mine was the local Makro. In the 80's my dad and my uncle ran their own tyre business. One of the perks of this is the ability to join wholesale traders should as Makro. The store itself, based in Halesowen, was positively huge - actually it's still there, but it's all one level these days, or so I'm told.

Anyway, it had almost everything you could think of. There was a huge toy department, and during the 80's a rather large gaming section with various computers laid out such as the C64, Amstrad 464, spectrum and Amiga machines. It was the store I first came across the NES and Sega Master System consoles. What was really great was the fact there were quite a few machines ready to play on too.

There was a big home entertainment section and an extensive clothes range. We used to buy many of our trainers from there.

What was yours?
Funnily enough, i was in Makro the other day. It is a pale shadow of its former self. I also remember it from the '80's + '90's. It is on one level now. I bought my first GBASP from there along with some big ghetto blaster thing in about 1988. I mostly use it now for buying Vimto lollies and Flying Saucers :lol: :lol: (what?....I have a sweet tooth!)
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Re: Where did you shop?

Post by Rinoa » Mon Dec 24, 2012 6:38 pm

Going to Woolies was always a treat for me as there were no other decent shops for miles!
TwoHeadedBoy wrote:It was opposite Cash Converters, it's a hardware shop now... Think it closed around 2004-ish, but it'd been there since at least the early Nineties (it might be where my Mega Drive came from!).
Think it closed down in 2005 as it was still there when I moved to Liverpool. I remember Mark bought us a PS2 sound system in the closing down sale.

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Re: Where did you shop?

Post by retromax » Sat Dec 29, 2012 9:45 am

Used to buy Amstrad games from Microtron in Pontefract, music from Rocola records (also in Pontefract), then in the early 90's used to buy CD's/video's etc from the old HMV and Virgin records shops in Leeds (before they both relocated). I'll always remember when HMV had a huge stack of Pioneer laserdisc players on sale and I REALLY wanted one but couldn't afford one :x

We also used to get pop delivered to our door every week... the only place (at the time) where you could get Pineapple pop :D
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Re: Where did you shop?

Post by bennyb84 » Mon Dec 31, 2012 10:41 am

always went into truro micro with my dad and brought amstrad 464 tapes before he subscribed to amstrad action

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Re: Where did you shop?

Post by ootini » Wed Jan 02, 2013 12:26 pm

My favorite place as a kid was a store called the Pied Piper which was a really great toy shop in a local shopping centre, which is still there I think. They also did computer games and, for a while, some Games Workshop stuff. It was always the first port of call after xmas and birthdays and other occasions where you got cards with the odd fiver in them. They somehow managed to get a massive haul of Action Force stuff from Palitoy when the license reverted back to hasbro round 1986, and were selling it all dead cheap. They had bargain bins full of uncarded figures in baggies with random weapons and accessories which were 50p each or 3 for £1. Did the same with Starwars when Palitoy lost the Star Wars license too. 2 carded figures for 99p. I had broken my arm round then and was visiting the hospital for check ups, getting marker lids out from under the cast etc, and the store was only across the road. So every visit to the hospital would more than most times, result in a few more Star Wars figures. I remember one day really clearly where my appointment was delayed so I got to miss school and also got Yoda and IG-88 figures - Double result!!! One of the staff used to suffer from seizures. Freaked me out the first time I saw it.

There was also another place which was across the road from same shopping centre, where I used to buy caps for my cap gun and they used to always have a good selection of Star Wars stuff and Battle Of the Planets die cast toys. T'was a really narrow little shop on two floors and I cannot for the life of me remember the name of it. It closed down some time in the late 80's.

In the same town there was a computer store called QTH computers. Which was staffed by a bunch of crooks, but it was one of the only places around to get decent games. They also did an running offer of 4 budget games (RRP £2.99 each) for £10 which always went down with us who never had much money.

There was another place, long, gone. Even the shopping arcade it was in was bought out and turned into a Boots many years ago. But it was a fantastic little computer store imaginatively called. "The Computer Store". Bought my C64 there and a load of games over its existence.

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Re: Where did you shop?

Post by PanzerGeneral » Fri Jan 18, 2013 6:55 pm

I use to use some pretty cool independant stores in Glasgow during the eighties, the micro shop in Partick - got my spectrum+,SAM coupe and Amiga from there as well as my NES and Mega CD. Also used to use the computer depot in Buchanan street - used to buy software for my 800XL and C128 from there, there were a couple of other places - one in the Savoy centre and one in Ingram street that I used to buy Atari 8bit stuff from.
Bought my 800xl from Lewiss's in Argyle street and got my C128 from John Menzies in Sauchiehall street. Got my TI/99/4A from ASDA in summerston - pre Xmas 1982.

also used to use Boots in Sauchiehall street and Virgin in Union street for software.

I used to enjoy playing on the various systems in Menzies, Smiths, Co op and Tandy's to name but a few.

I dont know if my mind is playing tricks on me - bt I remember being really impressed by bugaboo the flea on the speccy in John Menzies.

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Re: Where did you shop?

Post by oldtimer » Mon Jan 21, 2013 12:32 pm

Another place i used to go in was a local record shop in my town that sold all sorts of stuff including tvs and radios.
Me and a mate used to beg for old tvs that the shop took in as px ,and we used to lug them down to my house which was about half a mile away,then see if they actually worked!

More often as not they did work, but the best fun was getting the tubes out of the old ones that diddnt and lugging bricks at em to see them implode! :D
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Re: Where did you shop?

Post by andjs72 » Sun Feb 10, 2013 2:40 pm

Used to visit Computerware in Bexhill on Sea.. They used to let you try out most of the games on their machines instore...

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Re: Where did you shop?

Post by GigaPepsiMan » Sun Feb 10, 2013 3:28 pm

Before my town got Game there used to be a shop in the market that sold games second hand, they pretty much sold everything. Sadly the shop fizzled sometime after the 360 was released, it had been there since the 16-bit days.

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