FM-Possible a 16-bit Sega album released.

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FM-Possible a 16-bit Sega album released.

Post by Groovemaster303 » Mon Dec 19, 2011 2:27 pm

Hello everyone, for those that don't know me I worked on Pier Solar as FM Sound Designer but I also enjoy writing music too, having worked on games like Streets Of Rage Remake, Callisto on PSP and I also enjoy remixing and producing original music as well.

After months of planning, and a massive effort, the wait is finally over. I am is proud to present FM-POSSIBLE, an epic 37 track masterpiece, crafted by Jredd, CosmoBuggi, and myself Groovemaster303. This recording was created using VGM Music Maker, and has a runtime of 1:33:27. These familiar sounds from the Sega are bound to bring you squarely back to your childhood, or at least on an epic quest involving ninjitsu and fireballs, adding credibility to the claim that Sega does what NintenDon’t.

Download and song previews are here-

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