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The fuss about Oasis vs Blur?

Posted: Fri Sep 16, 2011 6:59 pm
by Starlight
I'd like to know from older members why everyone made a fuss about Oasis and Blur in the charts with Roll With It and Country House in the charts at the same time.

I know it sounds like the American Console Wars but I am serious about this.

Being a big Brit Pop fan I like them both and cannot understand why there was a North vs South divide when it came to these guys, being a Manc myself I can say that one or two famous Oasis songs I don't like but I liked that two bands made great music for the time.

What are your thoughts? Please discuss.

Re: The fuss about Oasis vs Blur?

Posted: Fri Sep 16, 2011 8:23 pm
by boggyb68
I love them both, had no issues with the rivalry or whatever, did not care a jot about the race for No 1, was happy for either to make it..

I will say, even though I'm a shandy drinking southern poofter, I have liked Oasis, and now Beady Eye and Noels High Flying Birds long after my love of Blur's more recent stuff has run out, incl Gorrillaz and The Good the Bad and the Queen.. Though I do like Graham Coxon's solo stuff..


Re: The fuss about Oasis vs Blur?

Posted: Sat Sep 17, 2011 6:21 am
by djcarlos
The North v South, Oasis v Blur thing only really happened in the NME.

I don't think anyone else really cared.

Then again, I lived in the Midlands at the time so maybe I was the Switzerland in this particular argument.

Re: The fuss about Oasis vs Blur?

Posted: Sat Sep 17, 2011 10:50 am
by merman
In terms of the actual singles, I've always preferred Roll With It to Country House. But in musical terms, Blur went on to experiment more with their sound and produced some classic tracks, while Oasis became stuck in a rut. I'm a fan of both, but at the time I was more into Blur. I then had an Oasis phase.

Never mind Liam's beady eye, it was his big mouth that stirred up some of the controversy at the time, when he hoped that Alex and Damon from Blur would get AIDS. Not nice.

Re: The fuss about Oasis vs Blur?

Posted: Sat Sep 17, 2011 12:31 pm
by nakamura
The rivalry was typical media fun.

I like both but I think Blur have created more interesting tracks over the years. Experimented more and created more variety. That said the best of Oasis is extremely good.

Re: The fuss about Oasis vs Blur?

Posted: Sat Sep 17, 2011 3:47 pm
by Starlight
I expected the whole thing to be a media thing, glad we didn't sucker into it.

I perfer Blur for being inventive but I like Oasis for their style, so yeah they are both brilliant in their own right.

To the first poster, I doubt people think of southerners as Shandy Drinking poofters, that's merely for the crowd who love stereotyping us all, I've talked to a member who thought everyone up north were Miner's who couldn't speak proper English, so you do get them, lol.

As for the AIDS thing Liam did, I fully agree with you that he shouldn't of said that, I think he apologised but you should know by now that Liam isn't exactly one to think before he shouts his trap.

Anyway, I am happy to hear it wasn't as hyped about as once thought...but it is interesting to see that even the music industry try to get people riled about the next big things.

Re: The fuss about Oasis vs Blur?

Posted: Sun Sep 18, 2011 12:20 am
by JazzFunk
I'm a northerner but it was always about Blur for me. Despite me being into hip hop and jazz, I caught the video of 'There's No Other Way' in 1991 and *immediately* knew they were something different, a little bit special. I kind of didn't follow them again until 'Parklife' came out, and that was an incredible album (I think the passage of time has made clear that Parklife is a f*cking classic album). The later ones maybe suffered slightly in comparison but even when making flawed records, they always made interesting ones.

Oasis were definitely cracking tunesmiths but I used to hate that thicko 'b0ll0cks to them all!' faux-Sex Pistols style repartee of the Gallagher brothers, seemed so fake and attention-seeking at the time, put me right off them.

In recent years, I've actually realised that Oasis were a pretty good band and that I *really* like Liam's whiny Manc vocals. I quite like Beady Eye, too, though I'm not a 'fan' as such. I even like his 'Pretty Green' clothing range, though still like Blur the best.

What's even better is that the guy who played "Warden Martin Querns" (from the TV show Oz, a character who tries to create an all-black Emerald City) lists Blur as his favourite band(!):

(It's only because I'm nuts-deep in Oz right now...!) :lol:

Re: The fuss about Oasis vs Blur?

Posted: Sun Sep 18, 2011 7:38 am
by TwoHeadedBoy

Re: The fuss about Oasis vs Blur?

Posted: Sun Sep 18, 2011 4:04 pm
by IronMaidenRule
Despite my Heavy Metal rootings, Oasis, Blur and the whole Brit Pop thing was start just as when music was starting to form in my consciousness, was around 8 or 9. I must admit of listening to a lot more Oasis than Blur back then, but in later life I find the musical variations in Blur to be much more of my liking, and the fact it is so different makes it even more interesting.

Re: The fuss about Oasis vs Blur?

Posted: Sun Sep 18, 2011 4:37 pm
by SJ_Sathanas
I was in high school in Manchester back then and amitting to even liking Blur usually resulted in a mild beating.

TBH, nowadays I probably prefer Gorillaz over Blur and Oasis.

Re: The fuss about Oasis vs Blur?

Posted: Mon Sep 19, 2011 3:54 am
by psj3809
merman wrote:Never mind Liam's beady eye, it was his big mouth that stirred up some of the controversy at the time, when he hoped that Alex and Damon from Blur would get AIDS. Not nice.
It wasnt actually, Noel made that comment which he obviously regretted and later apologised. It of course wasnt nice, but it wasnt as bad as Billy Connollys joke about Ken Bigley (Which people seem to have forgiven him for surprisingly).

Anyway back to the two bands....

In the 90's it was superb with all the guitar music coming out, before that it was crappy pop stuff or dance music. Then britpop arrived with a ton of great bands (and to be fair some terrible ones who must have just been signed by any label as they could play a guitar). Back in the 90's there was a show called TFI Friday, before it went downhill it was essential viewing as every friday it would feature a couple of Britpop bands performing live which was great to watch.

You look in the charts now and its 100% different. Back then Oasis and Blur were the biggest bands, both having digs at each other in the media and it was the 'north vs south' battle, most fans liked both bands, i loved Blurs early albums, Parklife was great, but i must admit Country House was a dire song, bit of a silly novelty song which a fair few people brought who werent into britpop as it was a silly catchy song.

Also Blur helped win the battle by having the cd's cheaper (99p instead of 1.99) and also releasing two versions of the single (different b sides etc)so most hardcore fans would buy both, clever marketing ploy. Oasis only had the one version out which was dearer so that was one major reason why Blur won it. Again i like Blur but Country House is a terrible song really.

The annoying thing was Roll with it was a good tune but wasnt that great at all if you heard the whole Whats the story morning glory album. They didnt bother doing much for the video, just them signing it in front of fans, not a great video at all. Remember Noel saying they won the battle but they wont win the war which was true as they went on to huge success. Later they released Wonderwall and Dont look back in Anger which were far far better tunes than Roll with it. Saying that their performance (When bands did mime in those years) on top of the pops was very funny as Noel took lead vocals (miming to Liams) and Liam did a very funny performance of trying to play Noels guitar, its on youtube and is funny to watch. Good times.

Granted i'm a huge fan and probably biased (Love Oasis, seen them about 15 times, the Beady Eye album has surprised me, seen them once and will again in November and i'm seeing Noel in October) but the 90's were great times.

I liked Oasis's attitude as most people say the usual crap to try and sell records and look all nice. At the end of the day if you were two lads from a council estate in Burnage, then a year later you could sleep with any girl you want, have any drugs you want, tons of money, any booze whenever you wanted then i think most of us would act like they did during those years. Are you telling me if you were about 23 years old and suddenly had about 15 mill in the bank after coming from the dole in a council estate in Manchester you wouldnt be going mental ? Plus what sold papers ? Liam visiting a fan in hospital or buying his fans drinks (My mate met him once and said he was nice as anything, brought them loads of drinks and told them to come over and join with his friends) or a cameraman winding him up at 4am after a club just to get a shot of Liam angry and then everyone thinks 'ooooh that Liams horrible...' ! If you notice Liam hardly ever gives interviews but suddenly we all seem to know what a horrible person he is ! (Due to just reading stuff in the tabloids)

But the whole Oasis/Blur thing was great for music generally, huge sales back then for lots of other guitar bands, good for music in general. Any group who play their own music live, can write their own stuff then hats off to them. Nowadays everything seems to manufactured, cover after cover or girl/boy band miming constantly. Only get chosen as theyre good looking and they just are given some crappy pop tune to mime to as fans buy their records whatever.

But another reason i love Oasis is the second i'm out and i hear a tune, or i'm in a bar and i hear Wonderwall come on suddenly tons of memories come flooding back to me of lots of nights out in the 90's, having a great laugh, with my mates, arms behind our backs doing a 'Liam' impression and not having a problem in the world, and i'm suddenly stood there smiling as that memory comes flooding back.

I've heard a few songs from Noels new album and it will be very very good (You might have heard one of his tunes on that new Vauxhall advert, tunes called AKA What a life).

I was gutted when Oasis split up but its not too bad at the moment, got a decent Beady Eye album, a great Noel one coming out and then another Beady Eye one next year. With a fair few tours as well theres more coming out. Its sad they split up though as Noel has said he shouldnt have left the band and should have just gone back and taken a well earned rest and then got back together for another album.

But in the 90's, they were great times, sooooo much better than the total sh!te in the charts nowadays

Re: The fuss about Oasis vs Blur?

Posted: Mon Sep 19, 2011 4:00 pm
by boggyb68
Not gonna quote you Paul as it's a long one but that was great to read, sums up alot of my experiences of those times.. Great times indeed..


Re: The fuss about Oasis vs Blur?

Posted: Tue Sep 20, 2011 4:15 am
by Liamh1982
Never understood it myself, it's not like they were copying each other. Probably a handful of journos sparking things up and being twats as usual.

Re: The fuss about Oasis vs Blur?

Posted: Tue Sep 20, 2011 6:06 am
by greenberet79
Hype. But you know, what was there before that? 90s mainstream music in this country was terrible. Bands with guitars were seen as outside the mainstream - how that came along is beyond me. (There were good bands, and dance acts etc etc, they just didn't get into the charts. Good music was essentially a novelty, while the novelty songs had become the chart standard).

Love blur, like Oasis. They helped open the door for loads of bands and for about ten years there was decent music in the charts. They (especially Oasis) showed that ANYONE could start a band. You and your mates just needed a couple of instruments and a decent tune. There were then loads of decent bands who made it into the charts (some great, some 'just' good bands who deserved some success - Bluetones, Elastica, Suede, Travis, Ash, Space, Cast, Lush, Shed Seven, Pulp, Verve, Radiohead, The cardigans, the wannadies...)

Sadly it's gone back to crap. Have you seen the charts recently? They all use the same Auto Tune/Will I Am template - RnB/dance-lite clones.

(by bands, I really just mean "good music". Prodigy weren't a proper "band", but they made great music. Menswear were a band, and made terrible music!)

Re: The fuss about Oasis vs Blur?

Posted: Tue Sep 20, 2011 6:58 am
by Liamh1982
Even the Prodigy have become derivative. Invaders From Mars could have been recorded by anyone.

And the only good use for Auto-Tune is for YouTube shits and giggles.