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Re: Martial art movies

Post by richie freebird » Sat Dec 14, 2013 9:47 am

I watched the utterly bat-poo insane Enter the Invincible Hero (1977) the other night. Directed by notorious Kung Fu Z-movie nut case Godfrey Ho (described on Wikipedia as the Ed Wood of Hong Kong). Wow, what an awesome but baffling affair that film was, I totally jolly well loved it.

Bruce Lee clone exploitation superstar Dragon Lee is the hero in this whacky flick, in which he is tasked with defending a village from an organised crime ring that pose as some sort of security or delivery service that keep nicking all the villager's money. The top hard case for the baddies has a metal circle on his forehead, and a necklace that lights up, makes a little noise and somehow makes him turn dead hard. He also has an inexplicable little penis coming out of his belly button which seems to be somehow connected to his source of power.

It's Dragon lee, baby, oh yeah!

After the usual whitewash of fabulously camp kung-fu fighting scenes, Dragon Lee batters the top baddie and then has to fight the big boss of the gang, who takes a cotton glove off to reveal he has little metal circles embedded into his finger tips. Naturally, Dragon Lee rips these out and kicks seven shades out of him using his (admittedly very flashy) taekwondo skills. As soon as the last baddie dies, the viewer is hit with a blue screen and the word “END” boldly printed into the middle. No hero walking off into the sunset, no scenes of the villagers beginning a happy life outside the stranglehold of the gang, nothing. F*cking END.

I love stuff like this: Its weird, mysterious, cheesy and for the most part, baffling. It doesn't pretend to be anything else though, its no-budget, badly dubbed kung-fu exploitation at its finest. God bless Godfrey Ho and God bless the mighty Dragon Lee.
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Re: Martial art movies

Post by pratty » Sat Jan 11, 2014 9:15 am

House of Flying Daggers is on again late tonight on Channel 4.

Also Jackie Chan's Snake In The Eagle's Shadow is on Film Four on Monday.
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