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Post by sack » Fri Feb 17, 2006 7:45 pm

These listings taught me how to program:

1) look at the listing
2) cringe at the amount of DATA statements
3) remember the last one didn't chuffingwell work either...
4) Read the 1/4 page blurb
5) write it from scratch.

Thing is - I'm glad commodore 64 basic was a huge steaming pile of toss.

If BASIC V2 was any good then there would have been real commands to replace the masses of data statements that motivated me to do it myself, and if it wasn't like writing what amounted to assembly language with only 1/10th the speed I'd have never come to the conclusion 'stuff it - i'll learn 6502'

I reckon commodore basic V2s inherent crappiness is half the reason the 64 had such talented coders in a roundabout kind of way.
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Re: Magazine program listings

Post by bobturnip » Sat Nov 17, 2012 12:36 pm

I still have my collection of "input" magazine in the loft.

Would be nice to see a small deviation towards non-gaming uses of the old 8 bit computers in RG. After all, a lot of kids enjoyed experimenting with BASIC as much as they did gaming. I guess it's a bit out of RG's remit though.

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Re: Magazine program listings

Post by station » Sun Nov 25, 2012 8:45 am

I typed my first program into a TI-99 Texas Instruments from the green manual you got with the machine - it was my brother's, and we had fun doing one before this and I couldn't believe how 'easy' it was to program a machine. I spent a couple of hours typing it in, and when it didn't work I tore out the page in frustration.
I borrowed my brother's mate's ZX81 and further typed in magazine listings - promised with something more than a moving box on the screen.
My parent's 'part ex'd' the TI-99 for my first Amstrad 464 which I started programming like an animal, I went to study software engineering in college and after all that I ended up working as a 3d artist. :D

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