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Behind The Bits / Beyond The Bytes

Posted: Sun May 12, 2019 7:03 am
by Eric
This would be a 2-4 page article that would compliment Nick’s How To series.

Behind The Bits or Beyond The Bytes would take a look behind one game of a particularly genre to explain its inner workings. Featuring an interview with an experienced programmer/producer and detailed screenshots.

For example:- Street Fighter 2 would showcase the 2D fighter’s hit boxes, animation frames, floor parallex scrolling, movesets and timing.

Further games/genres would be the likes of:-
Chase HQ - 2D Racer
Zelda - Overhead RPG
Strider - Arcade Platformer
Final Fight - Scrolling Beat’em-up
R-Type - Shoot’em-up

Article could be game or genre specific but the main attraction would be the invovlement of a veteran coder or producer. Page layout would require the overlaying of screenshots with the featured elements such as the hit boxes in a welcoming way as not look overly technical as to put off the readers.