Few suggestions for regular sections

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Few suggestions for regular sections

Post by Goemon » Fri Sep 07, 2018 7:58 pm

Most have likely been suggested already but here goes...

Japan Only - Like the unconverted but a look at some games that didn’t make it to the West. Include description of the game, was it any good and reasons why it likely didn’t make it.

Start with Goemon 2 on the SNES :)

Box art comparison - 1 pager in the variation between boxes based on the region they were released.

“That’s not the way it was” - comparison of games were changed from their original release to their final release. This will cover things like graphics changes, text/story changes, difficulty changes etc. It’s quite surprising some of the changes that were made.

For example, playing the JPN version of Rygar on the NES recently, The main theme music was completely different!

Not sure about the copywrite on this one...Revisiting Bad Influence.
Highlights of the topics that happened on the TV show Bad Influence and how things panned out now we have hindsight.

I’ve been watching some of these on YT recently, and some of the things they report on are quite interesting now that we know what actually happened, and how things progressed.

Like when they had a “super powerful” PC on the show that cost £250,000 and could do something called “texture mapping”

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