Box Art - Unsung Heroes

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Box Art - Unsung Heroes

Post by SeanTWCartoons » Tue Jul 25, 2017 4:46 pm

Hi Retro Gamer Community,

Do you have A favorite box art image for a game, but have no idea who created it? Me Too!!
Hopefully the Retro Gamers can help.

I'll get the ball rolling with mine:
Oh No More Lemmings!

Back in 1992 I first saw the cartoon box art for Oh No More Lemmings! in my local video store. I was a child and had been taken there by my Mum who let me rent the Ewoks cartoon on VHS to shut me up for a few hours. I instantly fell in love with the illustration style.

The Lemmings box art was a big inspiration for me to start drawing and now years later I am now a career cartoonist.
To my frustration I to this day have no Idea who drew the Oh No More Lemmings! box art. I think the same guy ( or Lady) did the Lemmings 2: The Tribes box art as well as the Lemmings for Mac Box Art, but I'm not even sure of this.

It's maddening, like an itch I can't scratch! I must know who created the image so I can thank him or her for getting me started and for the enjoyment I got as a kid from tracing it and trying to copy lemmings in that style. I'd also like to see what else they have created and if they still make art now.

Some of the old Psygnosis crew must know, or is there a die hard Lemmings enthusiast out there that can tell me?

Please help me find this out - I would be eternally grateful and it would mean I could finally express to the artist what his work means to me.

I hope to hear from some of you soon.

If you also have favorite Game box art and are dying to know who created it, let us know. maybe we can solve these mysteries together.

Sean TW

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