Langrisser and Saturn RPGS

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Langrisser and Saturn RPGS

Post by VirtuaMuser » Sun Apr 23, 2017 9:48 pm

The PSone is practically unmatched in its RPG library, but the Saturn had a few classics of its own, games like Shining Force, Oasis, Panzer Dragoon etc made their way outside of Japan.

But much like SHMUPs, the Saturn has an impressive often overlooked library of import only RPGs. Grandia certainly was the one that got the most attention from importers back in the day.

A lot of these import RPGs, and over the years despite not knowing any Japanese, I've been able to comfortably progress through some of these (such as Wachenroder).

Langrisser is a series I have heard much about, in fact a good number of issues of the Official Japanese Saturn Magazine featured Langrisser.

Would love to see Saturn RPGs get some spotlight on the pages of retro gamer, games like Langrisser or even starting with something like the original Grandia.

Thanks! :D

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