Alien vs. Predator (Atari Lynx)

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Alien vs. Predator (Atari Lynx)

Post by Sneachta » Mon Oct 12, 2015 8:46 am

NOTE: I'm basically suggesting that Retro Gamer should do a feature on the potentially ground-breaking handheld first-person shooter that never happened.

So, there exists a prototype for what was a potential first-person shooter on the Atari Lynx. And I'm not talking about a horribly sluggish game with lines that barely made out an enemy target, I'm talking about a genuine Doom clone that reportedly ran as smooth as any FPS that was out on the PC at that point and didn't look horrible with blocky visuals.

This could have been a HUGE deal if it had ever come out. Maybe not so much because it was on the Lynx, but because it would have been the first FPS on a handheld, not counting Faceball 2000 on the Game Boy. And when you think about it, there was virtually no first person shooters on any handhelds until Doom was ported to the Game Boy Advance In 2001. And even then, it was much later until an FPS made specifically for a handheld (not including the ill-fated Color title Tyrannosaurus Tex) was released, rather than ports of existing ones on other consoles.

Ultimately, AvP for the Lynx was cancelled in order to focus more on the version that Atari Jaguar fans are familiar with. Keep in mind that the Lynx and Jaguar versions were completely different. It's a sad state of affairs because it could have been big. I'm not saying everyone would have wanted to buy a Lynx just to play it, but it could have prolonged the life of the Lynx, as well as being the first 'proper' FPS on a handheld system.

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