How about an article about Goldeneye X, GE64, GE/PD hacking?

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Kerr Avon
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How about an article about Goldeneye X, GE64, GE/PD hacking?

Post by Kerr Avon » Mon Apr 27, 2015 6:10 pm

I think a good feature could be made about the game editing of the two N64 classics Goldeneye and Perfect Dark. There is a small but dedicated community devoted to hacking these two games, including such things as adding new single-player and multi-player levels to the games, to much larger projects, such as Goldeneye X (which aims to bring Goldeneye to the Perfect Dark engine, and so add thing such as weather effects, better artificial intelligence, and so on - so far it's only the multiplayer which is playable (and more or less complete), but most of the single player levels are in place for you to walk around if you choose), and Goldfinger 64, a totally new game which hasn't yet been released (the authors were hoping for a 2014 release (for the films 50th anniversary) but sadly went overdue), but it *really* deserves to be covered by Retro Gamer (especially since that way we might get some screenshots and information!).

The community has released a lot of things already, including little things like hacks to let you use the Combat Boost in Perfect Dark without having to select it first (means nothing if you don't play PD, but it's a great feature if you do) or let you use the Goldeneye weapons in PD's multiplayer (why Rare left that out, we'll never know), as well as map packs (including maps from games like Pilot Wings 64, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Counterstrike, etc), as well as digging out things from beta versions of the two games (including finding the hidden, incomplete multi-player Goldeneye level the Citadel, making it fully playable, and adding it to Goldeneye, and Goldeneye X), adding the all Bonds feature that was removed from the game before release, and so on.

The editor, designed and built entirely by the GE/PD hacking community is amazingly in-depth, and apparently one of the original Goldeneye development team members has said that this editor is much better than the software they themselves used when creating Goldeneye. You only have to look at Goldeneye X to see what the editor can do (in talented and determined hands),

Many people love/loved GE and PD, but might not know about the existing and forthcoming hacks for these games, and so I think that an article about them, and the people who create them, could be very interesting indeed.

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Re: How about an article about Goldeneye X, GE64, GE/PD hack

Post by Skrunch » Sat Aug 08, 2015 6:23 am

People who hack old games in general could make for quite an interesting few interviews on how they started, do it, etc.

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Re: How about an article about Goldeneye X, GE64, GE/PD hack

Post by NorthWay » Sat Aug 08, 2015 4:06 pm

Hacked games are presumably better than the original (one would hope - why bother otherwise) so a kind of list of "things you didn't know but need to see" would be nice?
You can mix in all kinds of things here - hostile ports, bugfixes so games can be completed, mods and skins for more modern stuff, new levels and gfx for old ones (the new C= 64 Commando and GnG would fit perfectly), and things like 2MHz hacks for the C= 128 (Elite and more), exploring hidden content in games (lots of stuff like that in WoW).

Should be more than enough stuff to not make it a one-off (i.e. a running series), but why not start with the OPs suggestion?

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