Last Gladiators Digital Pinball on Sega Saturn WHAT a CON!

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Last Gladiators Digital Pinball on Sega Saturn WHAT a CON!

Post by djjohnmerry » Mon Apr 03, 2006 2:28 pm

Hello all - what a great mag!

Anyway I just see this new forum about high scores and a flashback came to me.. Some time in about 1995/6 (I think) or before even there was a magazine called "SEGA" the offical maganzine - which I think become "sega saturn magazine" - anyway in issue "1" there was a big competition to win a "REAL" pinball table - to who every got the highest score on "Digital Pinball" on the first table with a standard game... HOWEVER there was a mega flaw with this - as when you get to 1 billion on the high score it resets it's self back to zero!! No way I thought this is impossible - Anyway I thought if I contact the magazine and tell them - I must of got the highest score anyway after a few phone calls and many hours waiting someone said video this happening and you would have the highest score and win the table as no one else has noticed this... :D Anyway I did do it again 5 hours nearly it took after many, many, many tries again I finaly did it!!! and posted the video to them (recorded!) and waited! and waited, and waited - 5 issues pasted so I contact the maganize again and they said someone else won it - thats it!!! :( - It was NEVER published in the mag who won or anything!! WHAT A SCAM!! well I was gutted - but I do feel I can hold a great title of getting a high score! - Well thats my little story for you all - also the game is worth a bash get a saturn and game for about a £10 and have a go.

well worth it - but not as good as the real thing 8)
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