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Completion Tracker Topics

Posted: Fri Sep 17, 2010 1:27 am
by Sureshot
When it comes to getting through games these days, I find I have a real lack of patience and end up flaking mid-way through, leaving many titles uncompleted. That's not necessarily due to not liking whatever I'm playing, but instead nearly always down to one of two things - lack of time or lack of motivation.

While the first issue is largely unavoidable, I felt that I could be doing more for myself when it comes to actually getting value out of games and persevering with them until the end. For this reason, I came up with the idea for Completion Tracker Topics - personalized forum topics that track how may games a person has completed so that they have some kind of tangible record of everything they manage to get through. The theory behind this is that having something up there for all to see gives an incentive to get through more games.

Along with giving yourself an easily accessible record of your completion feats, the other good thing that I hope can come out of this is that quick summaries of any games you complete can be posted following your main tracking post, which gives others a great insight into a game that has actually been played the entire way through by a 'real' person and therefore encourage them to give them a bash if they sound any good. It also means that those maintaining their own topic will find that a) they don't feel compelled to write about a game they've played after 5 minutes (as is the case with many blogs I've read) and b) they will be writing a lot less summaries due to... well... most games taking a while to get through.

This idea isn't going to be for everyone, the main reason being that it's driven by your own discipline and honesty about actually completing games - no automatically-awarded achievements here!

Next - before someone mentions it - yes, we do have the 'what games have you completed recently?' thread. For me, however, that just doesn't have the same personal link to your experiences, and half the time your post will simply become lost in the scrum of the rest. I'm hoping that this idea will make people to think a bit more about the game they just got through instead of throwing out a quick 'I played Game X, and it was good'. Your efforts deserve more!

Now, I do want to point something out before people decide they don't have the spare time to do this in - as it's YOUR topic, you can format and update it how YOU want! You're absolutely welcome - and encouraged - to use the formatting from my own CTT, but if you just want to go with the tracking part, for example, then go for it. It would be awesome for everyone to write a quick piece on their experiences of the game they just toiled through, but naturally some people really don't have the opportunity to do this. I'm definitely going to try and write something for each game I get through but I can guarantee you that I won't be toiling over massive, fleshed-out reviews for each one - I'll mainly be focusing on my personal experiences and any quirky things I encountered.

My CTT can be found at the following link: ... =3&t=24107. Have a look, see what you think and decide whether or not it might be something that works for you. If you do create your own topic, I'll add it to the list below.


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Sureshot: ... =3&t=24107

Re: Completion Tracker Topics

Posted: Fri Sep 17, 2010 5:17 am
by harlequ1n
I've read both the rules and your first game and wow, it sounds like a very nice idea! I just fear it will not be popular enough around here as most threads get read by a lot of people but only a few get replied to even with a short answer. I'll try to do my best to follow your template with the next games I'm working on (Darksiders, Red Dead Redemption, Mega Man 10, etc)

Re: Completion Tracker Topics

Posted: Fri Sep 17, 2010 11:52 am
by Sureshot
Thanks! And yeah, I know what you mean. ;) At the end of the day, I'll carry on updating mine in any case to keep my own motivation going.

Again, feel free to do whatever you want with the template within your own topic - it's for you to customise, make your own rules if you wish and find out what works best in your own situation.

I think I'll use this thread to combine everyone's topics into for ease, so I'll keep an eye out for when yours goes up.

Re: Completion Tracker Topics

Posted: Wed Sep 22, 2010 2:33 am
by djcarlos
I might knock one of these up too.....won't be as in depth as yours though bud. I ain't got time!

Probably be more like this:

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Finished on PS3 on normal difficulty.

I liked it.

Re: Completion Tracker Topics

Posted: Mon Mar 09, 2015 12:33 pm
by Elgin_McQueen
Surprisingly good idea, I'm shocked didn't get more attention!