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Don Doko Don

Posted: Tue Apr 29, 2008 5:11 pm
by oldskool81
Just got this today and just wanted to tell someone how good it is :D

Similiar to Bubble Bobble but with gnomes and hammers, what more could you possibly want??

Pick it up if you get the chance!!

Posted: Tue Apr 29, 2008 5:56 pm
by James Bond
What's it on mate? the DS?

Posted: Tue Apr 29, 2008 6:45 pm
by JimMiller
Well I have this on PC Engine and it is a bit of a gem. Wasn't it also on the Taito Legends 2 pack for ps2 and xbox, just thought I'd mention this for those people without a PC Engine.

Posted: Tue Apr 29, 2008 7:08 pm
by oldskool81
I've got it on the PC Engine but I do belive it's on those compilitions!! :D

An excellent game indeed

Posted: Tue Apr 29, 2008 9:30 pm
by timewarpgamer
One of the many excellent PC Engine games that never made it outside Japan, and a fine example of how the PCE could pump out colorful and vibrant graphics that rival the graphical output of the Mega Drive. It's also, on my short list ( of the greatest TG-16/PC-Engine Games. Fans of the console, please let me know if there are any other titles that you think should be added to the list.

Posted: Wed Apr 30, 2008 6:21 am
by merman
It's a great game, remember seeing it reviewed as an import/arcade game in C&VG years ago and wanting to play it.

Posted: Wed Apr 30, 2008 6:44 am
by mikeb
Mmm. And its got gnomes bonking bunny rabbits over the head with mallets. What's not to love?

Posted: Thu May 01, 2008 9:08 am
by Dizrythmia
I read the review of Don Doko Don in C+VG when I was 12 (1991). Fast forward 12+ years later I ended up getting a PC Engine & snapped up the first copy of the game I could find. I'd never played it, but it looked brilliant & I wasn't disappointed. It can be a bit difficult, but I keep going back for more :)