How many games are you playing right now?

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How many games are you playing now?

1 - I like to take my time
2 - I like to multitask
3 - I have lots of free time
4 - Gimme that gaming goodness!
4+ - What does 'sunshine' look like, again?
None - I thought this was a crochet website
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Post by Scooby1970 » Sun Oct 21, 2007 6:15 am

Currently playing a few games, namely:

PS3 - Sega Rally
PS3 - Motorstorm
PS3 - Ninja Gaiden Sigma
PS2 - Buzz The Music Quiz
PS2 - Singstar Legends/Rock Ballads/Anthems
PS1 - Street Fighter III Alpha
PS1 - Scrable
Dreamcast - Bomberman
Dreamcast - Ferarri F355 Challenge
Megadrive - Streets Of Rage
PC - Battlefield 2142
PC - Unreal Tournament 2003

Lucky for me I have a missus who loves to play these games with me, so on our days off when we've finished all the house-hold stuff, we sit and play the consoles... And Wednesday nights is lads nights in with the mates, so I really do play alot of games daily.

:) Mark
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Post by Sabreman » Sun Oct 21, 2007 8:15 am

Usually I'm a gamer that plays in small chunks, either because I'm keen to move onto other things I'm playing, or there's something else vying formy attention. Oh for the time when I could just sit happily with Final Fantasy VII literally all day, only moving to get food and drinks...

So at the moment I'm currently playing - as in properly attempting to make progress on a regular basis:

Puzzle Quest on XBLA
Every Extend Extra Extreme on XBLA
Riviera on PSP
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Final Fantasy Tactics on PSP
Halo 3
Cave Story

All of these games are ones that you can progress in small chunks (even checkpoint to checkpoint in Halo 3s case).

In addition to those I'm continually pootling about in things like Test Drive Unlimited (I just like driving about, and hardly ever do any actual racing), Geometry Wars Retro Evolved, Angband, Dungeon Crawl, Typhoon 2001, Return to Chaos, Knytt Stories, Freelancer, and Star Control 2

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Post by Commander Jameson » Mon Oct 22, 2007 7:24 am

I'm in a similar pickle as Sabreman - too many games, not enough time.

Currently Vying for attention -

Wii - Resi Evil 4,Rogue Squadron (GC)
PS2 - GTA Liberty City Stories, Burnout Revenge and Timesplitters 2
DC - Chu Chu Rocket, Street Fighter 3 Third Strike, Jet Set Radio
PC - Battlefield 2142 (Which is the main attraction at the moment) and just discovered Trackmania Sunrise to be surprisingly fun too!

That's before we get started on emulators.... :roll:

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Post by video-gamer-girl » Thu Oct 25, 2007 4:56 am

in my younger days in my 20's i would of been scored 4+

now 2 cos i have a family to look after consists of on husband and one toddler.

now playing: Zelda the phantom hour glass DS
Retro revival is.. Super Mario Bros 3 that was on the way to japan last wk. on the way back home famcom mini mario bros

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Post by will2097 » Thu Oct 25, 2007 5:00 am

- PGR4. 360
- Warhawk. PS3
- Alone in the dark 2. 3DO.
- Command and Conquer 3. PC

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Post by Dudley » Thu Oct 25, 2007 5:12 am

video-gamer-girl wrote:in my younger days in my 20's i would of been scored 4+

now 2 cos i have a family to look after consists of on husband and one toddler.
Insert "I have to change his nappy and cut up his food.... and the toddler's not easy either" gag here.

In other news

360 : Test Drive Unlimited (Still. Just bought all the expansion cars)
DS : CSI : Dark Motives (Superb)
DS : Sight Training
360 : Bioshock

And I've got Halo 3, Crackdown and PGR4 just sitting there waiting for me to have any concept of free time.
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Post by Devious » Thu Nov 20, 2008 1:02 pm

Clive Barker's Jericho
World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade
The Godfather The Game
Urban Chaos
Call of Juarez
The Sims
Tomb Raider Anniversary
25 to Life
True Crime: New York City
Dirt Track Racing 2
Max Payne 2
GTA San Andreas
Evolution GT
BloodRayne 2
Paris-Dakar Rally

Not simultaneously mind you. :wink:

And as of last night into this morning, No One Lives Forever (PC). BTW, I don't usually play this many games at once either. It's generally two at the most but I prefer playing one until completion or at least half through but it's WoW that's causing all this. Since I have to pay for time on it I generally have to play it more than the others but then they mope at me like they're being cheated on so I have to spread the love around. :lol:
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Post by ShadowMan » Thu Nov 20, 2008 2:17 pm

I usually play around 3+ games at once but at the minute I'm simply focusing on Banjo Nuts & Bolts while playing a little bit of Street Fighter III 3rd Strike.
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Post by Sigma » Thu Nov 20, 2008 2:37 pm

Galactic Civilization II Twilight of Arnor, and whatever I dig out at random. I've just been playing Crystal Mines II on the Atari Lynx.

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Post by Dan1980 » Thu Nov 20, 2008 2:45 pm

Im playing,
GTA4.(trying to get %100)
condemmed 2. :)

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Post by Fightersmegamix » Thu Nov 20, 2008 2:54 pm

I can only play one or two games at a time, I usually have to either finish it or decide I will never play it again before I move on. The only exceptions are if I buy a second hand game and want to test it or if I play a little multiplayer stuff. At the moment I'm starting Gears of War 2 on co-op.

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Post by Rinoa » Fri Nov 21, 2008 9:02 am

Fightersmegamix wrote:I can only play one or two games at a time, I usually have to either finish it or decide I will never play it again before I move on. The only exceptions are if I buy a second hand game and want to test it or if I play a little multiplayer stuff. At the moment I'm starting Gears of War 2 on co-op.
I'm the same too. I rarely play more than one game at a time. I'll sit down and get totally immersed in one game until it's completed, then move onto the next.

However, there's an exception to the rule at the moment what with all these good releases lately. Currently playing Little Big Planet, Oblivion & Soul Calibur IV.
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Post by HalcyonDaze00 » Fri Nov 21, 2008 9:26 am

COD 4 - Online
FIFA 09 - Online
FALLOUT 3 - about a third of the way through

all on the 360

So i'm only playing one game as such ( Fallout 3 ) and I always have some online games of FIFA09 and COD 4.

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Post by Mr L » Fri Nov 21, 2008 9:32 am

I can only manage 2 or 3 at a time.

At the mo its Pro Evo 6, Everybodys Golf PSP and XIII on the 'Cube.

Even the simple controls in those 3 tax my brain trying to remember them all!

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Post by necronom » Fri Nov 21, 2008 2:22 pm

I usually only have 1 or two on the go. I won't buy another till I've finished one of the current ones. Usually the second game will be something like Guitar Hero, so it doesn't have a story etc.

At the moment I have LBP and GH: WT on the go.
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