The future of video games and their players

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The future of video games and their players

Post by Chinnico » Tue Oct 27, 2020 10:57 am

This could be one of the reasons I am almost 100% on retrogamer now.
Or it may just be another sign that I have gotten too old.
Maybe both.

In any case, I just saw on the Japanese television a preview of a new fantasy MMORPG.
It looked quite cool, but one of the advertised features left me speechless:
The character will play and gain experience levels on its own, while the player is off line!

Now, I am one that could never stand farming in MMORPGs or grinding in general, including the random encounters of most jrpgs. But I thought that the solution was making grinding mechanics interesting, or remove them completely. Not certainly leave the mechanics and remove the player!

I wonder if there will be an achievement like: "congratulations! Your character has reached level 100 while you have spent a month paying the subscription and not logging in even once!"

I mean, in the late nineties friends of mine organised gatherings, where they had PES championships with the PlayStation managing both teams in each match.
they were just watching the games, chatting, eating, maybe betting on the outcomes and in general having fun together. For free.

Is this the final frontier of narcissistic consumer gaming? After DLCs, early unlocks and pay for useless cosmetic features, now people is willing to spend money just for finishing the game quicker and boast about it?

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Re: The future of video games and their players

Post by merman » Wed Oct 28, 2020 2:25 pm

It makes little sense to me. There were the driving games where you could train your AI driver, or the idea of powering up your Amiibo character in Smash Bros.

But a character that grows more powerful without you doing anything? Why?
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Re: The future of video games and their players

Post by bounty bob » Wed Oct 28, 2020 7:34 pm

Don't play many modern games at all. This just sounds ridiculous. Next you'll buy a game, pay a subscription and never have to ever play the damn thing at all let a lone bother loading it.
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