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8BitCADE XL - DIY Retro game console

Post by jackdaly » Sun Aug 09, 2020 8:44 pm

Hi Guys!
I'm a 17-year-old student and founder of 8BitCADE. I just launched my first ever Kickstarter! The 8BitCADE XL is an educational DIY gaming console created to educate in a fun and rewarding way - learn code while playing retro games! It comes with over 200+ preinstalled games such as donkey kong and Galactica! Check it out below.

PM the user for the link as this is their first post here


Watch the trailer below to learn more! Or check out the website - 8bitcade.com

For the retro gamers out there, the 200+ preinstalled games will keep you playing for hours. Check out this video below for more info.

For an overview of all the learning content there is available for the 8BitCADE.

DIY kit that educates anyone about electronics, programming and gaming! The 8BitCADE XL can be used in different ways:
  • For makers who love building and want to assemble the 8BitCADE XL.
  • For gamers who want to hold a relic of our past and play over +200 retro games, experiencing them on the large 2.42 inch OLED screen with fast access via a memory chip with a customisable menu system.
  • For programmers who want to utilize the 8BitCADE XL's features to create fun and interesting programs & games - utilizing the 6 buttons, memory chip, RGB LED and so much more.
  • For designers who want to customise the casing, adding their own personal design.
  • For artists who want to express their inner creativity through the design of characters, splash screens, animations and more.
  • For hackers who want to modify the open-source design, building on the product's capabilities, adding their own personality and innovating their ideas.
For more info, check out this video here

Would love for you guys to check it out and give me some feedback. If you want to support me but cant back, sharing it with your friends and family would greatly help! Let's get the word out about 8BitCADE
Thanks, guys!

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