Mass Destruction & NMS Software query

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Mass Destruction & NMS Software query

Post by Limbrooke » Thu Jun 18, 2020 8:51 pm

I realize Andy O'Neil was talked to briefly about his involvement with the PC version of Mass Destruction (rg103) but I would like to know if anyone recalls seeing (not in RG specifically) an article or discussion with the original Saturn and PS1 programmer for the game. This may very well Steve Deacon, but nonetheless I remember seeing a discussion where specific hardware aspects were discussed. I don't remember where I saw it but it was rather interesting.

There is this point where Steve himself cites he made Saturn version: ... st-1063391

Here is a version of the NMS developer list (PS1 side): ... l&id=97027

Anyone who knows more or can elaborate further, feel free to chime in.
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