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Post by miner2049er » Sun Jan 01, 2006 3:38 pm

CraigGrannell wrote:
miner2049er wrote:And now even more stable with the supercard sd with its built in emulators.
Well, aren't they just version of PocketNES, Goomba, et al, so they're the same emulators that non-Supercard users are using?
Yes but being built in you don't have to convert your roms which damages some of them.

you can just drop a .nes .gb .gbc .pce .sms or .gg straight onto the card
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Post by psj3809 » Tue Jan 03, 2006 10:52 am

Well i use emulators on my PC but i mostly use emulators on my Pocket PC or GP32. I've got the GP2X but yeah its bugged like anything but the latest firmware updates etc seem to cure most of the problems but i need to give it all a go and get it working.

The original GP32 was great though for anything from Megadrive and previous (not including SNES). Atari ST worked fine, Colecovision, MSX, Speccy, C64, Amstrad, PC Engine, NES, Master System, GB, GB Colour and best of all many MAME games worked.

I mostly use my Pocket PC for emulation, has emulators for practically anything. Morphgear is a great multi-emulator for everything from NES/SMS - SNES/GBA. Often play Mario Kart Advanced and Warioware.

Do wish they would release a PPC with a gameboy style pad though.

Cant wait to get a TV Out for the GP2X which will make it amazing.

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Post by Fuzzypig » Tue Jan 03, 2006 3:15 pm

PC, Xbox, PS2, GP32 and GP2x

Mainly PC to store all the stuff and work on it. XBOX and PS2 when I'm feeling lazy. The GP32 was blinding with great support and massive choice, get one if you want to play portable retro now.

The GP2X is a little flaky but heavens sake give these guys some credit. The emu writers are only just getting used to the hardware, the firmware is not helping, but the progress made so far is stupendous.

What other handheld boasts working PSX and NeoGeo CD emus? Reese's v4.0 Genesis emu is 10x better on the GP2x than the Gp32 v2/v3 editions. Frodo (C64) is on the GP2x and it extremely playable. The only thing is there is no good Speccy emu on the GP2x yet!

The best thing is the GP2x is SDL compatible which means it's not a major chore to port Linux SDL compatible source over.

So quit your moaning and get a GP2x and show the emu writers your support and feedback, how else can we make it better?

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Post by psj3809 » Wed Jan 04, 2006 6:21 am

The GP2X in time will be very very good. I wasnt around when the GP32 was released but i joined that scene a while later and was happy as hell with all the emulators etc

In time the GP2X will be the same. What i was disappointed about was the bugs on the hardware, i'm stunned they even released it in that state. Yes they can be fixed and yes Nintendo wouldnt do that but they do have a huge huge budget but either way to release some hardware in the state they did was a poor effort

As for the emulator writers for the GP32 specially Rlyeh i'm so grateful for all the work they do.

Must admit if another GP32 came out i wouldnt buy one instantly and would wait for the scene to have lots of emulators etc out but in time the GP2X will be brilliant.

Its good seeing every week something else new released for it. Like you say cant wait for a Speccy emulator, plus to get the TV Out lead which will make the device even better.

I wouldnt say anyone is having digs at the emulator writers, theyre brilliant, but i wasnt happy with i think Gamepark Holdings for releasing it in that state. Hopefully soon all the bugs will be fixed

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Post by LeeT » Wed Jan 04, 2006 7:48 am

I will eventually get a GP2X but to release a handheld in such a bugged state is a bit...crap. When its sorted out and the emulators are a bit more advanced, then I will get one, but I'm glad I got a PSP for christmas.

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Post by Thraka » Wed Jan 04, 2006 12:35 pm

I have the GP2X, but I'm selling it because I hate the joystick.

Currently I use XBOX and PC for all my emu needs. Donno why you would use DC :) Though I have one of those too.

ANd I have a mame machine I built from an old POW cabinet.

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