Help with Shadow president

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Help with Shadow president

Post by B747man » Thu Dec 05, 2019 8:53 pm

So hopefully someone can help me with this game since I can't much info about it online. So I love playing this game sometimes because of all the things you can do as president but have a question about playing the game.

So I started a new game and immediately started to build up my troops around Iraq. I placed 600k troops in Saudi Arabia and around 400k in Jordan. Once I got a decent a good amount of troops in the area I attacked Iraq. Turkey offered to assist me with all of there troops so in total I had around 1.8 mil troops in the area compared to their 800k. I would think to have that many more troops than them the war would be easy but instead, the war lasted awhile and I lost 70k troops before they surrendered and most of the war we were neck in neck in casualties until they slowly started to lose more people.

What could I have done differently to make the war quicker and not lose as many soldiers? I hit them with a few surgical strikes before attacking to take out their nuclear program. And continued to do strikes during the war.


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