Joystick or Buttons? Arcade Classics

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Joystick or Buttons? Arcade Classics

Post by Riddler » Wed Jul 31, 2019 8:58 am


Hi All,

been a while since i posted here. I'd like your thoughts on the more older arcade machines like Space Invaders and Astro Blaster.

Particularly about how they are meant to be or best played. It seems that I have always thought Space invaders is played using a Joystick and a button, but Looking at the original cabinets the Midway cabs use all buttons but the Taito cabs use a joystick.

With Astro Blaster, the original cabs appear to use all buttons - so with this said, what is the opinion about playing Astro Blaster with a joystick? Is it "less authentic"?

If you are an arcade purist and say "Yes", how would you say Space Invaders is "meant" to be played then?

Just a fun topic guys, i don't mean to get anyones blood boiling here. :D

imo - I setup Astro Blaster with buttons only and can see the charm of playing it in this unusaul way and its a very different experience.

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